Bonjour Jolie Review - August 2013 - Time of the Month Subscription Box


What is it? Bonjour Jolie 
How much? $16 per month plus $10 shipping to Canada 
What's in it? "Each Box Contains Feminine Products, Specialty Bath and Body Items, Gifts, Teas, and Artisianal Chocolates"

The theme of Bonjour Jolie in August was "Honoring the Feminine" and featured products from women owned businesses.

Product Card  

The Supplies: 

30 units 25 units (pads, liners, tampons).

The Gift:

Silver & Stone Bracelet
Imported from Peru and handcrafted by local women. Made with alpaca silver and precious stones.

While searching out accurate pricing, I learned that alpaca silver isn't actually silver at all. I found listings on Ebay for 10 similar bracelets for less than $30.

The Edibles:

Leccare Lollipops in Salted Watermelon and Peach Cobbler
The website offers 6 Peach Cobbler Lollies for $6.  They were pretty tasty.

Just Add Honey Tea Company (5 bags)
This tea is sold loose leaf at $3.50 per ounce. They don't have bagged teas available to purchase so these were likely offered for sampling purposes.

The Pampering:

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow (1/4 teaspoon Trial Vial)
This is a gold colour mineral shadow. I like that it comes with a brush for sampling, but I don't like mineral shadows and I would never wear a colour like this. Scaredy Cat offers Trial Vials for $1, purchased in groups of 5, 10, or 50.

Beazer's Garden Organic Herbal Sugar Scrub (5g sample jar)
The product card lists this as a hand scrub, although the company website says it's a body scrub. The instructions on the package included say "Massage into skin in a warm bath" so I will take that to mean it is a body scrub and use it as prescribed.

Scensibles Sanitary Bags (Travel Pack, 3 bags)
The website offers 10 Travel Packs for $5. I understand the idea behind this but I'm not sure it's something actually needed. I will probably give them to my sister to use for dirty diapers when she's travelling with the kids.

Barefoot Apothecary Herbal Bath Salts in Lavender Chamomile (0.5oz sample)
I like having bath salts on hand. They're nice to use after a long bike ride to soothe my legs.

Happy Hands Lotion ( 2 x 0.25 ounce packets)
Only one lotion is pictured. I didn't find the second packet, tucked down in the box, until later. These are good to have for on-the-go, and they come in fun scents.

This is the first month I have been actually disappointed with my Bonjour Jolie box. Upon opening the box, I didn't have a good first impression. It seemed to be very low value compared to past boxes. I noticed last month that the product card had inaccurate pricing, so I wondered if it was the same this month and... it was. Several products are listed slightly higher than their actual retail price. Regardless of this, the box value is still higher than the cost of the box, so it's still a great value for price paid. I still love Bonjour Jolie and the concept behind it.

What do you think of the August Bonjour Jolie box?

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  1. I'd love those lollypops! but overall not a box that is tempting me I must admit.

  2. The low value and disappointing products is the reason I quit this box. This month doesn't make my regret that decision. The Happy Hands Lotion is really good though.

  3. This is one of the better "period boxes." It's customizable and you get a decent product. Check out all my thoughts here:

    1. I've been getting this box for 4 months now and have had no issues before. The concept is great but I feel the value is lacking. Thanks for stopping by.


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