Beauty Box 5 Review - September 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Beauty Box 5 
How Much? $12/month, $30/quarter, $99/year 
What's in it? 4-5 samples from your favourite beauty brands  

As of September, Beauty Box 5 is shipping boxes by the 8th of every month instead of by the 15th (which in reality always eneded up being around the 18th). Not only are they shipping earlier, but the shipping is quicker. My September box shipped September 9th and arrived September 18th. It used to take 2-3 weeks to get my box, shipped from Texas to BC. Now it's looking like a week to ten days.

 First look

Beauty Box 5 also changed their product card. The front side (shown above) includes a little blurb and explains the theme of the month (another new feature). The back side (shown below) lists the products and includes a little snap shot.

Product card

The theme for September is "On The Go" and includes products "focusing on the girl on the go". The box is supposed to include products that "we always need in a pinch".

Every Beauty - Makeup Remover Pads (5 pad sample pack,  $0.70)
These are cotton pads infused with Argan oil. Just add water and wipe. No rinsing required.

Fine Featherheads - Fly Ties (4 pack, $7.95)
Every time I recieve these ribbon style hair ties, I say the same thing: I HATE THEM!

Body Drench - Lip Drench in Pomegranate (Full size tube, $4.99)
I always love receiving lip balm. I can never have enough!

Skiin Shop -  Skin Smoothing & Soothing Eye Cream (3ml sample, $9.99)
I'm not sure how this eye cream is a product I would need "in a pinch" or "on the go", but I am always happy to get products that will help with fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles! (Full size is $49.95 for 15ml!)

Bella Pierre Cosmetics - Celebration Shimmer Powder (2.35g, $15 - FULL SIZE)
This is GOLD! The card says to use it "anywhere you need a little sparkle in your life". This is another product that probably wouldn't come in handy in a pinch. In my life it probably won't come in handy... ever.

The September Beauty Box 5 included five products valued at approximately $39. Three of the products are full size! The theme of this box is "On the Go", featuring products a girl would need "in a pinch". While the products are good on their own, I don't find they fit in with the theme. Overall I'm happy with the box, and I am thrilled about the changes to the shipping policies.

What do you think of September's Beauty Box 5?

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  1. this is pretty funny in context with the theme but i was overall happy with this box, bb5 has definitely stepped it up over the last few months!

  2. I don't think the products fit the theme either, but it's still fun to try them. Maybe not the hair ties though. Boxes need to realize these are not hits.


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