Seasons Box - Ceasing Canadian Shipping

 *This box is closed*

This probably shouldn't come as a surprise, but the Eco-Lifestyle Subscription box that so many people came to love, will cease serving its Canadian customers.

I am a current SeasonsBox subscriber, yet I first learned this news from a random poster on the Makeup Talk forums. I went to the Seasons Box Facebook page to see if it was true. 

These messages were posted on Facebook on August 19th. Seasons Box has yet to send a blanket e-mail to customers, or even make an actual post on the subject on its Facebook page. The posts above are in reply to a customer inquiry

The post indicates they will continue to fulfill the subscriptions of Canadians who signed up "before the cut off", but they never actually announced or made public when this cut off date was. Apparently it has already came and gone. Month-to-month subscriptions have been cancelled. Some of those who were billed for a September box have been refunded. Those with 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions will continue to be served, however at the end of the subscription term, those subscriptions will also be cancelled.

Seasons Box launched in December 2012, based in Toronto, Canada. The founder was a woman named Agnes.  Between December 2012 and March 2013, there were no issues with Seasons Box. Posts on the Seasons Box thread in the Makeup Talk forums will verify this. Customers seemed thrilled with this fun, new box. Then in April, Seasons Box quietly moved operations from Toronto, Canada to Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. E-mails to Agnes were being responded to by a woman named Nya. E-mails and Facebook posts went unanswered for days, and sometimes, weeks at a time. Under new ownership, customers were treated to reduced customer service, underwhelming products, shipping delays, packing errors, new branding, and new packaging. Everything that made Seasons Box unique and so popular when it first launched, was slowly being stripped away.

The decision to cease Canadian shipping is the greatest insult of all. One poster on Facebook said it best: "If it were not for all those Canadian customers at the beginning THERE WOULD BE NO SEASONSBOX".

In spite of this, SeasonsBox still has a sense of humour. They posted an apology of sorts on Facebook on August 9th, making excuses for the lack of communication and offering customers a 40% discount in the SeasonsBox store. The promo code is Mea Culpa. I guess the promo code is meant to be contrite and funny. I find it condescending. Perhaps I'm just hard to please today.

While SeasonsBox works to return itself to the company we know and love, its loyal Canadian customers will work to find a new subscription box to fill the SeasonsBox void.

My issue with SeasonsBox has always been the lack of communication. Several other boxes have ceased Canadian shipping, but every one of them gave customers ample notice, via e-mail. I'm not as disappointed with the end of Canadian operations as I am with the lack of communication and lack of respect for the Canadian customers that have been loyal since the beginning.

Does anyone have any recommendations for eco-lifestyle or lifestyle boxes, similar to SeasonsBox, that ship to Canada?

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  1. That sticks! I haven't tried SeasonsBox yet but I may in the future

    Reviews Until You Drop

    1. Honestly, I do not recommend them. The new management is very shady (making business decisions like I posted above without notifying customers) and the CS is terrible. The products are okay but the curation isn't as good as when Agnes was in charge.

  2. Good review!
    This whole development seems very strange to me. I am sure that many Canadian customers would accept longer shipping times if they were notified of its necessity. I wonder if the cost of shipping to Canada has become prohibitive. Or if Customs is becoming a hassle. At any rate, I do wish SB would notify their northern customers of this change in service. And unfortunately, I don't know of any substitutes.

    1. SO strange! I still haven't received an e-mail from them about it. Were they hoping Canadians wouldn't notice?

    2. Me neither (no email). I'm really curious to know what percentage of their customer base is composed of Canadian subscriptions.

  3. Did you see the latest? It looks like SeasonsBox has new management, they will be serving Canadian customers again, and it looks like they are bending over backwards to make things right. Yay!

    1. Just read the update on FB. Thanks!


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