Luxe Box Review - Summer 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Luxe Box
How Much? $26 per quarter, $50 semi-annually, $96 yearly. Shipping included.
What’s in it?  7-8 Trial-size products every season (4x per year)

This is my third and final Summer Luxe Box review. I already posted reviews for the LOULOU Edition box, and the Wedding Edition box. This review is for the regular Summer Edition box.  When the limited edition boxes were first announced, I signed up for the LOULOU Edition. I started to get anxious that I would miss out on some amazing products or get box envy when I saw what all the other bloggers received. To ensure this didn't happen, I started a second Luxe Box account and selected the regular Summer Edition box.

My box shipped late because I opted to wait for the "signature packaging". Luxe Box ran out of... luxe boxes! They had to order more so all the regular edition boxes were held over for July shipment, unless subscribers chose to forego the "signature packaging" and go with a plain old shipping box.

First look

Luxe Box bag... I use them to pack my undies when I travel

Turns out, I didn't have to worry about any box envy, or missing out on great products. Almost everything I received in this regular edition box made an appearance in either the LOULOU box, the Wedding box, or both!

Olay - CC Cream in Light to Medium (50ml, $23 - FULL SIZE!)
I now have three of these, one from each Summer Luxe Box. All in Light to Medium shade. I was really hoping at least one would be Fair to Light but unfortunately not.

Vichy - Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes (0.1 fl. oz, $4.50 - sample)
This made an appearance in the LOULOU box. I haven't tried it yet but I do plan to soon and I'm glad I  have two samples!

Kerastase - Elixir Ultime The Imperial (3ml, $1.30 - sample)
All three of the boxes I received had a Kerastase sample. I do enjoy using hair oil so I will likely put them to use.

Lancôme Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate (8ml deluxe sample, $25)
The Wedding Edition Luxe Box had this Lancôme sample and so did my Spring edition box. Another product I have in triplicate, courtesy of Luxe Box.

Now for the all new products...

Barefoot Venus Poppy Fairy Shea Butter Hand Cream (60ml/2oz, $4.99)
Drench your skin in nourishing fragrant body lotion. Nature’s skin smoothers including; shea butter and olive fruit oil, wrap you in softness as the feel good fragrance boosts your spirits and motivates your mood. (Travel size 60ml $4.99, Full size 250ml $17.99)

I am very familiar with Barefoot Venus. My mum used to run a gift box business and BV was one of her suppliers. They are a Canadian company, based in Kelowna, BC. I've tried many of their products but this Poppy Fairy collection is new to me. I love the scent and it's a great 2 ounce travel size bottle. Ruby Red is my favourite scent of all the Barefoot Venus collections.

Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Complete Anti Aging Day Care (15ml/0.5oz, $19.20)
This anti-aging day skincare is targeted to women over 40 for a daily use. It can be used as a cure for women in their thirties. The skin is protected and looks regenerated, wrinkles are smoothed, visibly firmer and denser skin, perfectly moisturized skin, restored to radiance. (50ml, $64)

I like Yves Rocher products. I am amazed at the value of this sample too! The full size product is currently on sale for only $35.20 on the Yves Rocher website.

Donna Karan Woman Eau de Parfum (7ml/0.24oz, $14.70)
A fragrance created for women, by women, to celebrate the inspirational, multifaceted women among us. The creamy, key notes of orange blossom, sandalwood, and Haitian vetiver express the softness and strength of a woman, exemplifying heart, soul, and beauty—discover the fragrance inspired by all that a woman is. (Full size 50ml, $105)

This is a great size sample and the bottle is very cool, but the scent is awful. I`m getting really sick of perfume samples in subscription boxes. Every Luxe Box I have received (4 total) have included a perfume sample, and every single one has gone in the trash. 

Luxe Box Kabuki Brush  ($15)
I needed a new kabuki brush and now I have TWO. Luxe Box makes great brushes so I'm happy to have this one. I will keep it tucked away for when I'm in  need of a new one again. I received a Luxe Box foundation brush in my Wedding Edition box.

The Verdict
In total, my Summer Edition Luxe Box included 8 products valued at over $100! I paid $26 for this box. I'd say that's a very good value! I'm really happy with this box. Everything will be put to use, one way or another, except for that darned perfume sample. Luxe Box really needs to nix the perfume samples.

After reviewing two limited edition boxes and the regular edition box, I have to say, I don't find anything special about the limited edition boxes. The product repetition between the boxes was incredibly disappointing. I expected the limited edition boxes to be more exclusive and feature products that could be found only in those boxes. It was especially surprising that one of the limited edition boxes cost an additional $10 to upgrade when it contained products available in other boxes and an almost identical value to other boxes. Next season, unless the Limited Edition box program improves greatly, offering unique and exciting brands & products, I will be sticking with one account to purchase one regular edition box. 

Did you order a regular Summer Edition Luxe Box? What did you receive?

Interested in signing up for the Fall Edition of Luxe Box? Here is a teaser of some of the brands to be featured in the upcoming season. This was displayed when I deactivated my 2nd account, as an enticement to stay enrolled.

The next season bills and ships in October! If you are interested, use my my referral link to register an account. I'm crossing my fingers & toes that they have the Luxe Box Advent Calendar available again next season!

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  1. It's too bad you got the Olay in Light-Med. Mine was too and even though I have some colour now, I found it to be too dark. Yeah, we are on the same page about that horrible Donna Karan perfume! I agree, they should stop with perfume samples.

    How come I didn't know about this Advent Calendar? I so want in on that!

    So I'm not done with Luxe Box - I resubscribed to an annual sub. again. What can I say they've improved!

    1. I haven't tried the Olay yet. I will likely end up gifting them all away if they are that dark.

  2. I really want that advent calender! I'm planning to subscribe to this in the fall, I do think the LouLou was worth the extra 5 but not the wedding edition. Overall great box!

    1. I agree on the LouLou. I justify the $5 as being the cost of the 4 month magazine subscription.

  3. This is such a cute box! I'll have to look into trying it out :)

    Reviews Until You Drop

    1. I've been pleased with the products. The next one will be out in October or November I think.

  4. It's too bad there was so much product duplication between boxes. But the selection looks good as a single box.

    1. I'm pleased with each box individually, but when I compare them it's a let down. Lesson is... don't compare!

  5. I love the Barefoot Venus lotion, I received the Hunny Mango and it is lovely. Did you get the 20% off offer from Barefoot Venus with your box?

    1. I just received the 20% promo e-mail today. I'm not going to place an order though... I don't need any more body stuff.

  6. I am so looking forward to the Fall box! I have a feeling it's going to be amazing! I quite liked the summer box, though I haven't actually tried any of the products yet...


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