Foodie Pages Tasting Box Review - July 2013 - Gourmet Food Box

What is it? Foodie PagesTasting Box
How much? $14.95 one time purchase, shipping included
What's in it?  5 scrumptious tastes from some of Canada's top food makers

This will be the last regular Tasting Box review. As of August 1st, Foodie Pages cancelled the month-to-month subscription model in favour of a one-time-purchase model. The July release was the last box of the old model, then all subscriptions were cancelled. Going forward, Foodie Pages will have a set purchase window for the monthly Tasting Box. Only 50 boxes will be available on a first come, first served basis. They will still release the box preview in advance, so you can decide if you want to try to purchase the box... and if you do want it... act fast! Plan to be online as soon as the boxes are open for sale.

Now for the July Tasting Box...

First look

Product card

Lotus Fine Foods - Cranberry & Cinnamon Quinoa Granola, Toronto ON (300g bag, $6.50 - Full size)
Gluten-free granola made with organic ingredients and naturally sweetened with agave. 

Hot Mamas - Cranberry Blueberry Pepper Jelly, Pefferlaw ON (40ml sample, $1.36)
First you'll taste the sweet, then you'll feel the heat! Sue's jellies use the Scotch Bonnet Pepper, grown in Ontario or imported from Jamaica.

The Garlic Box - Diced Garlic Scapes, Hensall ON (190g jar, $5 - Full size)
Made from a tender shoot which bolts from the garlic plant in late spring while still tightly coiled and tender. Crisp with a mild garlic and onion flavour and packed with salty, lemony brine.

Pixie Chicks - Rib & Steak Rub, Victoria BC (30g, $3 - Full size)
A fast, nutritious and tasty way to make an everyday meal mean something special.

The Great GORP Project - Clean Energy Bar in Cocoa, Hemp & Almond, Niverville MB (1 full size bar, $3.49)
GORP combines the benefits of clean eating with the energy needed to fuel any level of athlete. Packed with nuts and seeds; oats for heart health and long lasting energy; flax and hemp for omega-3 goodness.

The July Tasting Box included 5 items, 4 of them full size! Everything values at just under $20. I paid $10.95 for this box, tax and shipping included. I am looking forward to trying the garlic scapes and the granola the most. The pepper jelly will be great with crackers and cream cheese. The GORP bar will go in my work bag for when I need an afternoon snack.

If the Tasting Box interests you, sign up for Foodie Pages to get on the e-mail notification list. Foodie Pages send an e-mail at the end of each month with details of the next box and when it will go on sale. Don't miss it!

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  1. so jealous of your granola flavour. I got coconut cherry and ate it this week, it was still good but I'm not a huge coconut fan.

    1. oh that's too bad! I love coconut so I would have been happy with that one too. I haven't tried mine yet.


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