Foodie Pages Chef's Box Review - July 2013 - Canadian Gourmet Food Subscription Box

What is it? Foodie Pages Chef's Box   
How Much? 1 month = $55, 3 months = $150, 6 months = $270 or monthly recurring is $55/month 
What's in it? 5+ gourmet foods and delicious recipes curated by a top Canadian chef.
The July Chef's Box was curated by Chef Sebastien Houle from Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

"My inspiration for this Chef's Box comes from summer on the terrasse at home."

Product card & recipes

Chef Houle included recipes for Homemade Mozzarella Pizza and Cointrea Honey Creme Brulee with Berries.

This little recipe pamphlet was a bonus in the box!

Make Cheese - Mini Motza Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit ($24.95)

I am SO excited to try this kit. It makes 8 batches of mini motza balls. I recently purchased two Cream Cheese kits via Foodie Pages as well. This will make a good rainy day project.

Heavenly Honey - Cointreau Liqueur Flavoured Honey (190ml, $5)
I love honey and I love Cointreau. Orange blossom honey is one of my favourites so I imagine Cointreau flavoured honey would have a similar taste. Perfect in Earl Grey tea!

Manning Canning - Angry Pickled Garlic (250ml, $8)
Chef Houle includes two spoon fulls of these "angry" garlic cloves in the pizza sauce recipe. You can also eat them straight out of the jar as a snack! I love garlic, but maybe not that much,

Full of Beans - Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix (340g, $6.50)
This bag is enough for two pizza crusts. I haven't made homemade pizza crust before but it seems pretty easy and I'm sure tastes 100 times better than store bought. This may be another rainy day project!

Gourmet Sauvage - Ox-Eye Daisy Capers (190ml, $9.95)
I don't use capers often; only with smoked salmon or in some pasta sauces. Chef Houle's pizza recipe is similar to the classic bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers and red onion. I enjoy all those things on a bagel but I'm not sure about them as pizza toppings.

The July Chef's Box, curated by Chef Sebastien Houle, contained 5 full size products from independent food makers across Canada. I'm really excited to use the Mini Motza Kit and the Pizza Crust Mix. I will use the garlic and the honey. I'm not sure what I'll do with all those capers! I like all the ingredients independently, but other than the cheese kit and the pizza mix, it feels like nothing really goes together, even after reading Chef Houle's recipes and explanation. 

The value of this box is about $55. I paid $50 for the box, plus tax and shipping so it ended up being $67. The Chef's Box isn't priced for savings or to be a great value. It's more about the experience. You get to receive great Canadian-made products, hand selected by a top Chef, and then using the ingredients and recipes provided, to make a stellar meal.

I probably won't make the pizza as Chef Houle intended, but I will definitely make a pizza or two!

Interested in Foodie Pages? Sign up using my referral link. Along with the Chef's Box, they also have a great Tasting Box available for sale every month and periodic Foodie Boxes. 

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