Wedding Edition Luxe Box Review - Summer 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Luxe Box
How Much? $26 per quarter, $50 semi-annually, $96 yearly. Shipping included.
What’s in it?  7-8 Trial-size products every season (4x per year)

Last week I posted a review of my LOULOU Edition Luxe Box and now it is time to share the Wedding Edition. In May, after I posted about the upcoming Limited Edition Luxe Boxes, I was contacted by a member of the Luxe Box Media Team and offered a complimentary Wedding Edition Luxe Box.

While the LOULOU Edition box was only $5 to upgrade, the Wedding Edition cost $10 to upgrade, making it $34 to $36, depending on your subscription plan. There were two versions of the box. The first version, which sold out on May 29th, included a full-size Eyeko Skinny Mascara and a travel size bottle of KMS California FREESHAPE.

version 1

The second version included samples of Lancôme Génifique and Kérastase Elixir Ultime in place of the mascara and spray. They swapped out a full size mascara for a deluxe sample, but both versions were said to be valued at $110 (although in initial advertising, version 1 was said to be valued at $95).

version 2

 First look

 Product card & Thank You note

I received box version 2. I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed when I opened the bag. There just didn't seem to be very much inside. I received this box a few days after the LOULOU Edition arrived, which is probably why I felt like this one was lacking. The LOULOU box had 10 products, 3 of which were large full sized ones. This box had less and everything was smaller. I really question why they charged an additional $10 for this box.

Essie Bridal Collection Nail Lacquer in "Meet Me at the Altar" & "No Baggage Please" (Full size, $8 x 2)

These are two of three items in this box that are exclusive to the Wedding Edition Luxe Box. With one coat, both shades are quite sheer and slightly iridescent with a hint of shimmer. I really like "Meet Me at the Altar" (left).

Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum (2ml deluxe roller ball sample, $3.30)

The sample itself is pretty great because it's a mini roller ball. The perfume though, is not so good.  It is very, very floral and what I like to call "Grandma Perfume".

Loose Button Foundation Brush (Comparable products $25+)

This is a really nice quality brush with very soft, fine bristles. I look forward to trying it out.

Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips (1 treatment, $18.75) - Not pictured

I did not get a photo of the Crest Whitestrip because my co-worker wanted it so badly, I gave the sample to her while I was unboxing! I am shocked that one treatment (2 strips) is worth almost $20. No wonder this box is valued so high. These are regularly given away for free in Brand Sampler and Sample Sources boxes. As far as I can tell, this sample was not included in any other Luxe Box this season.

Olay - CC Cream in Light to Medium (50ml, $23 - FULL SIZE!)

While this brand new Olay product was a bonus item in the LOULOU, Condition Culture and Fragrance Edition boxes, it was included in the promotion and valuation of the Wedding Edition box. This was also featured in some of the regular Summer edition boxes. I have two of this shade now so this one will be going to my sister. Fingers crossed that my pending regular edition box includes the Fair to Light shade.

Lancôme Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate (8ml deluxe sample, $25)

This product is one of the two that was substituted in after they ran out of Eyeko Mascara and KMS FREESHAPE. It is also included in the Spring Luxe Box. It's a very high value sample, but I would have preferred the mascara. I don't see this is an equal swap, regardless of value.

Kerastase - Elixir Ultime The Imperial (3ml, $1.30 - sample)

This is the other product that was substituted in after they ran out of Eyeko Mascara and KMS FREESHAPE. It was also included in the LOULOU Edition box and was included in some of the regular Summer box versions. I gave this to a co-worker as well since I now have three of them!

 Crest 3D Whitestrip sample not pictured

The Wedding Edition Luxe Box included 8 products and is valued at $110. I received this box complimentary, but for those who purchased, it would have cost $24 to $26 depending on your subscription plan, plus a $10 upgrade fee. I will say again, I do not understand why they charged $10 to upgrade for this box. Every item, except for the nail polish and the Crest 3D White, was available in other box versions and one item is a duplicate from last season. As well, the Olay product seems to have been included in EVERY box this season and the outer packaging said it was "Compliments of Olay".

While I like the products in the Wedding Edition box, with the exception of the Valentino perfume, I am glad I didn't pay for this one. I don't feel the $10 additional fee is justified or makes it worthwhile, compared to the LOULOU Edition (10 products, 4 month magazine subscription, $90 value) or even the regular Summer edition boxes (here is a great one). The only items from my box that were not included in other box versions this season are the Essie Bridal Collection polishes and the Crest 3D strips. But even some of the regular edition boxes included polishes from other Essie collections.

I LOVE the idea of Limited Edition Luxe Boxes and I hope this continues in the upcoming seasons. However, if Luxe Box is going to continue with the Limited Edition boxes, I really think they should find a way to make them more exclusive so the products included are ONLY available in that specific box. This is especially important if they are going to continue charging upgrade fees. It feels like a bit of a rip off to be charged more for products that everyone else received as well.

Did you get a Luxe Box this seasons? What did you received? What do you think of the Wedding Edition Luxe Box?

If you are interested in Luxe Box, the next editions will be available in the Fall. Use my referral link to sign up!

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  1. What the? Yeah I would not pay an additional $10 for this box. Very kind of them to give you a complimentary box though!
    Oh and thanks for the blog love, I really appreciate it!

  2. this does seem pretty disappointing, especially because I thought the LouLou box was amazing! I may have to check these boxes out in the fall when I have a bit more spare money for sub boxes :)

    1. The products were still great, they just weren't as good as LouLou box. That's a hard one to match up to!

  3. I agree, not worth the additional $10. I am so happy I didn't go for this one, and I so nearly did! Very nice that you received it complimentary though. I opted for the regular Luxe Box and am really happy with what I received. Thank goodness!

    1. I'm still confused why they charged $10 more for the Wedding Box, especially after subbing out two of the products. That was a mistake. Had the box been free to upgrade, I would have no issues.


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