Topbox Review - July 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Topbox
How Much? $12 per month, shipping included
What’s in it?  4 deluxe beauty samples

For July there were five Prive Box options, and once again I opted for the regular Topbox instead of a Prive Box. My box shipped July 10th and arrived July 12th. Quick and efficient, as always.

Topbox seems to have new shipping packaging and branding. I'm not a fan of the plastic mailer. I guess it protects the Topbox cylinder better than the Kraft paper wrapping, but it is less environmentally friendly since it's not recyclable.

 Product card

At first glance, I was not too thrilled with this Topbox. Three repeat brands for me. Topbox has announced they have several new brand partners coming in the new few months so I hope this dud month is a one-off.  

Belvada Cosmetics - One Moment Essential Day Cream (8ml, $8)
Pure 24k Gold flakes as well as Pearl Protein help simulate blood flow, build up Amino Acids and add a healthy glow to the skin for Summer.

This is a cool product. It's a clear gel "cream" with gold "pearls"  suspended inside. It would have been nice though if they had included the instructions for use, which I found on the website. (Each jar comes with a small spatula. Take the spatula and remove three "pearls" from the jar with surrounding moisturizer. Mix in the palm of your hand until a creamy serum is produced and massage into face and neck in circular motions until fully absorbed.)

KMS California - HAIRSTAY Dry Extreme (2.2oz,  $4.20)
Hairspray for extreme voluminous hold, dry to  the touch, high humidity resistance, shiny finish.

I received another KMS product in my first Topbox back in April. The only appealing thing here is the high humidity resistance. I do not use hair spray so I will probably give this to my sister.

Cuccio Colour - Nail Lacquer in Jamaica Me Crazy (13ml, $10 - Full size)
Triple pigmented colour, DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free, high shine professional nail colours.  

Ugg. I did not like the Cuccio Nail Lacquer I received in my May Topbox. The colour was blah and the formula was brutal to apply. I will give this one a try since maybe the darker shade will look better once applied, but I do not have high hopes.

MaskerAide - Hydration Facial Sheet Mask in Detox Diva (1 mask, $4.99)
MaskerAide is a unique line of super hydrating facial sheet masks created for fabulous lifestyles!

During the Topbox sale last month I bought a whole bunch of these sheet masks. I have only used one so far but I really like it so I am happy to have another one.

In total I received 4 products in the July Topbox, valued at just over $27. Not bad for $13.44, with tax. Not my favourite Topbox thus far but it will do. I will use the Belvada Cream and the MaskerAide Sheet Mask for sure!

What did you get in your Topbox this month?

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  1. I received the cream and the nail polish (yuck - I didn't like it either), as well as another KMS free shape and another yabi lip refill (super boo). Really not impressed. This was my last box, I'm pretty happy to be leaving in all honesty.

    1. Just read some reviews posted on their Facebook page and it looks like a lot of repeat products this month. Someone said they got a Benefit SugarBomb lip gloss from last month! Super bummer. I'm hoping it's just this month only as they prepare to get some great stuff in the fall.

  2. That Belvada cream looks awesome! I wish they sold smaller jars to try it - $50 (on Amazon) is a bit much...


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