Foodie Pages Tasting Box - Updating Subscription Model


"The TASTING BOX will not be available by subscription after July."

I awoke to find a very disappointing e-mail from Foodie Pages. It turns out, the Foodie Pages Tasting Box is so successful, in part due to Blogger reviews like these, that there have been no cancellations. As a result, Foodie Pages has been unable to accept new subscribers. The Tasting Box is capped at 50 subscribers per month, because the food producers are only able to supply a limited number of products. The Tasting Box is so successful, there is a long list of people waiting to sign up, with likely no prospect of ever having the chance. 

So... Foodie Pages is changing the model of The Tasting Box subscriptions.

As of August 1st, The Tasting Box will no longer be a monthly recurring subscription. All current subscribers will receive the July box at the end of this month, then all current subscriptions will be cancelled.

WHAT?! Say it ain't so!

Starting August 1st, The Tasting Box will be available on a "first come, first served" basis, with only 50 boxes available each month.

All those on the Foodie Pages e-mail list will be notified when the monthly sign-up window is open. Those wishing to purchase the Tasting Box will have to act fast! With only 50 boxes available, it is sure to sell out quickly.

While I am bummed that one of my favourite subscriptions is being cancelled, especially since Bloggers helped make it so popular with great reviews, I am happy for all the new people that will get to experience the Tasting Box because of this change. There are over 20 people on my Foodie Pages referral list alone, just waiting to sign up! I can't even imagine how many, in total, are on the wait list for the Tasting Box.

On the plus side, this will save me $10.95 per month. Not a huge amount, but since I'm trying to cut back on sub boxes anyway, it isn't the worst thing. The Tasting Box releases a list of the products in each box at the start of the month. If the products pique my interest enough, I will try for a box. If not, I can sit it out and wait for the next month. Skipping is something subscribers weren't able to do.

If you are interested in learning more about the Foodie Pages Tasting Box, check my reviews here

If you are interested in scoring yourself a Tasting Box when they go on sale, first come, first served, in August, make sure you are signed up for Foodie Pages so you get the e-mail notification! Use my referral link top open your Foodie Pages account today!

Are you a current Tasting Box subscriber? What do you think of this change? If you aren't a subscriber, are you going to try securing a box when they go on sale in August?

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  1. Interesting. I'm glad they're changing it up. It does kind of suck for current subscribers, but it's nice they're letting other people have an opportunity to try it. I'm crossing my fingers that I'm one of the chosen few for August.

    1. There are no lucky chosen ones... it's just like the Sweet Delight box now. Once open for sale, anyone can buy a box while supplies last. Sweet Delight is sold out in 5 mins or less so I suspect this will be the same situation. I hope they give a couple days heads up so I can set an alarm and clear my agenda!

  2. I was a subscriber and am totally bummed about the changes. I've only had 2 months worth of boxes and would have stayed subscribed. I'll try to keep getting them but we'll see if I am fast enough. I hope that these don't go on sale at a crazy hour for us here in the west!

  3. I'm sad as well. I've only gotten two boxes. I guess sometimes the demand for these products outstripped the supply.


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