Foodie Pages Tasting Box Review - June 2013 - Gourmet Food Subscription Box

What is it? Foodie Pages Tasting Box
How much? $10.95 per month, shipping included
What's in it?  5 scrumptious tastes from some of Canada's top food makers

The June Tasting Box shipped on June 22nd, even though it wasn't scheduled to ship until July 2nd! Instead, it arrived on July 2nd, but unfortunately I didn't get my hands on the box until today.

First look... with caramels right on top!

 June Tasting Box product card

23 Degrees Roastery – Mugshot Espresso (Toronto, ON - 200g, $6 )
An espresso blend that lightens up your tongue with brightness, but finishes with a smooth, sweet, chocolately flavour. Certified Fair Trade and Certified Ogranic. Roasted with care to maximize the natural flavour of coffee beans.

I don't drink coffee, nor do I own a coffee maker! Just like with the April Chef's Box, I won't be able to use this product. It will make a good gift though and the beans smell great. I don't like the taste of coffee but I sure do love the smell!

Buttery Bites - Vanilla Caramels (Bay Tree, AB - 2 pieces/20g, $1.33)
Creamy smooth, flavourful and really addictive, these caramels will take you back to memories of another time. Made on the family in a gluten free facility.

I ate one of these as soon as I opened the box... they were right on top so how could I resist! 

Country Girl Cooks – Red Pepper Jelly (Waterloo, ON  - 125ml, $3.25)
Less sugar than most and a full-bodied red pepper flavour. Top your crackers with brie cheese and pair with a Chardonnay for a simple but elegant appetizer.

I can never have enough red pepper jelly! It's great with cream cheese too or use to baste BBQ chicken.

Mojo Jojo Pickles – Gourmet Pickled Asparagus (Edmonton, AB - 250ml, $9 )
Flavoured with lemon balsamic vinegar and a blend of spices including mustard, dill, chili and a touch of lemon peel. It's a sweet and tangy pickle that balances the bitterness of asparagus, perfect for grilling or as a garnish in a Summer Caesar.

I LOVE anything pickled, especially pickled beans and asparagus. I plan to use these to garnish Caesar's or just for a snack. There's only about 10 spears in the jar though.

Vista D’oro – Turkish Fig with Walnut Wine Artisanal Preserve (Langley, BC - 40g/1.4oz, $2)
Made using the vineyard's signature wine - D'oro - a fortified walnut wine. Excellent with grilled pork tenderloin, blue cheese, or as a spread for a decadent chicken sandwich. 

I love the idea of using this with pork tenderloin or on a chicken sandwich. And this is a local product from the Lower Mainland of BC! That's a bonus.

I received five great products in the June Tasting Box, with an estimated value of $21.58! I paid $10.95 for this box, including tax and shipping. I love the Tasting Box for its value and for the exposure to great products and food producers across Canada.

Unfortunately Tasting Box subscriptions are closed at the moment but you can still sign up for Foodie Pages to get e-mail notifications and be the first to know when the next subscription window opens up. Please use my referral link to register!

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  1. Do you happen to know why they are closed?

    Reviews Until You Drop

    1. The vendors produce their goods in small batches so there are limited subscriptions available. They're all filled up right now.

  2. Looks like a nice selection. I also love the smell of coffee but not the taste.

  3. Thanks for the review! We love these products!

    Be sure to leave your individual product reviews on for a chance to win Foodie Pages gift cards. Your feedback on the products is so helpful to the food producers.

  4. I really want to try this box! I think I would enjoy all of those products. I hope they open up some spots soon. I also love that they're all Canadian food producers!

  5. I love this box! It is so fun to try treats from all over Canada. I tried the coffee and it is one of the best I've ever had. I'm a bit of a coffee snob so it isn't often I find one I really love.


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