Bespoke Post Box of Awesome Review - June 2013 "Seared" - Men's Lifestyle Subscription Box

What is it? Bespoke Post Box of Awesome
How Much? $45 per month, plus $10-20 shipping to Canada
What's in it? Fresh & interesting lifestyle brands for men built around a central, unique theme

Bespoke Post is a lifestyle subscription box for men. 
Bespoke Post delivers fresh and interesting lifestyle brands and products to men. Each month, you'll get to choose from one of our limited-edition boxes filled with an array of products built around a central, unique theme.

I registered my e-mail a couple months ago and have been waiting for the perfect box to come along. Many of the themes are food related and I love food and cooking. 

For June, one of the boxes offered was themed "Seared". I tried to resist purchasing but I couldn't do it. I have seen these Himalayan Salt Blocks before and the thought of having my own to impress my guests with foodie awesomeness was too overwhelming. I hesitated for five minutes then signed up.

Image courtesy of Bespoke Post
The box shipped via Purolator on July 1st and arrived at my door July 9th. Not too bad! I love Purolator for courier shipping.

Big, heavy box!

First look

The Seared box includes:

Himalayan Salt Block, 8" x 8", $35
Excavated from the Himalayan mountains, this block is first mined as huge boulders and later cut into usable sizes. Protected from pollution and impurities for centuries, the salt block provides one of the most natural cooking surfaces known to man, infusing your choice food with subtle and natural salt flavors.

I've looked at these blocks before and this size actually retails for $44 or more in Canada. The blocks last forever and require little maintenance. I can't wait to use this! The seared scallop receipt Bespoke Post offered looks delicious! I can't wait to make all these!

Profi Plus Butterfly Turner, $24
A sophisticated cook needs sophisticated tools. Constructed of 18/10 stainless steel with a satin-finish and a cylindrical handle this beautiful spatula is stable and durable making it close to indestructible. It will make sure your expert flip looks good both in style and form.

They offered a butterfly turner or a slotted turner. I received the butterfly turner. It's a really great quality utensil and is perfect for using with the salt block. I'm happy to add it to my collection. 

Essential Cane - Habanero & Sweet Onion Sugars, 1 oz each, $2 each 
Introduce your block of salt to these jars of sugar and you'll create quite the dynamic duo. Used on everything from meats to cocktails to deserts, these sugars will help give your next culinary creation an added flair. Put the Habanero to work to create an exhilarating kick to your meal and use the Sweet Onion when sweetness is what the grill doctor orders.

I love flavoured salts and sugars. I have loads of flavoured sea salts but I have never encountered savoury flavoured sugars. I`m excited to get cooking! The Habanero has a nice kick and the sweet onion is nothing short of amazing. They would be great sprinkled over any fish or meat, prior to searing (a pinch of sugar helps get a nice, caramelized sear), and they'd even be good over popcorn! I also thought of making some sort of chili chocolate bark and using the Habanero Sugar as a finish, sprinkled over top. So many ideas!

I LOVE this box. The Bespoke Post Box of Awesome is $45 per month, but the value far exceeds this cost. This box is estimated at $63 worth of product (more if you try to find the salt block retail instead of wholesale). Shipping to British Columbia was an additional $20, which is the only reason I hesitated. The shipping fee covers all applicable duties and I really wanted this salt block! My box total with tax, to ship to BC, came to $70.40. I`m okay with that total since I still received over $60 worth of product and I will get use out of everything I received. (Shipping within US is free and to Ontario it`s only $10 extra).

I am going to stay subscribed to Bespoke Post Box of Awesome but likely skip any boxes that aren't food, cooking or entertaining related.

If you are interested in the Bespoke Post Box of Awesome, please use my referral link to sign up!

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