Wantable Jewelry Box Review - June 2013 - Jewelry/Jewellery Subscription Box

What is it? Wantable
How Much? $36 monthly or $40 one time purchase, plus approximately $10 shipping
What's in it? Make up box includes 4-6 full-size premium makeup products. Jewelry box includes 4-5 boutique jewellery pieces. All are picked to match your profile preferences.

Wantable tricked me this month. I wasn't planning to order the June box. The subscription is nearly $50 per month when you add in tax, duties and shipping so I originally planned to only order periodically. Then Wantable released a teaser photo of some of the items available this month... and that necklace... THAT NECKLACE! I wanted it so bad. So I ordered the June box and crossed my fingers.

The June box is curated by Lara Eurdolian, an "accessories expert" who runs prettyconnected.com. Wantable also expended their collection to include sunglasses, watches, scarves and headbands.

June brings the head out in force so don't be afraid to rock neon accents or bold colors, especially with a staple maxi dress for a night on the town.

 Wantable June Teaser

My box shipped June 7 and arrived June 17. The box this month is bigger than I remember it being last month. Is that a sign of good things to come?

First look

Turns out, a bigger box is just a sign of more packaging. The box was lined with bubble wrap, then all the items were wrapped in tissue with a handful of black crinkle paper and more bubble wrap (above). I'm not sure the point of the crinkle paper wrapped inside the tissue. Once the tissue was unwrapped, this is what greeted me:

More redundant packaging! Wantable has started packing the items in little ziplock bags with a paper card inside. The card has no information about the products. It's just marketing material for Wantable. Their logo, website, e-mail address and physical address is printed on the back of every piece. Two thoughts - waste of paper and waste of money. Perhaps they could knock a few dollars off the subscription price if they cut out all of the wasteful paper and packaging. All of it ended up in my recycling bin.

Now for the products... I'm sad to say, I did not get that cool, colourful necklace from the teaser.

Instead I got this one...

Jordana Necklace ($26)
Art deco glam... Absolutely! This inspired piece is a timely addition to your jewelry box.

I don't hate it, but it doesn't scream summer to me. I was expecting colour as their June into described.

Beatrix Earring ($20)
These classic gold studs are up-to-date with distressed detailing. Wear with a fabulous pair of sunglasses.

Again, not an item a look at and think summer. I do sense a Gatsby theme happening though. 

Zahara Earring ($22)
These unique earrings are a treasure to behold! Wear them with your hair up to really let them shine!

The description made me chuckle. Unique is a word I use to kindly describe things I don't really like... "Oh you named your baby Persephone? Well isn't that... unique!" These earrings sure are something to behold but not in a good way, and I wouldn't call them a treasure. They are definitely not my style and not even something I would be cruel enough to gift to someone else.

Moon Beam Ring ($15)
The ring is unique and stylish, just like you!

I like big cocktail rings for glam looks but this one doesn't say glam to me. I look at it and think Cracker Jack box. I know that is rather harsh but the ring, to me, looks and feels cheap.

Sunny Sunglasses ($15)
After a long night rockin' out, these slammin' sunglasses are the perfect thing to hide tired eyes.

These aren't terrible and they are similar to the style of sunglasses I normally wear a designer brand which are better weight, construction and overall quality.These are cheap plastic and very flimsy. I will use them this summer though at the cottage. They will be perfect for boating and I don't have to worry about losing or breaking them.

In total I received 5 items that Wantable values at $98. I say it that way because I would never, ever pay nearly $100 for these items, nor would I pay the suggested retail price for even one of them. I'm disappointed I had to pay $46 for these items! I will use the sunglasses and eventually the necklace will get some play but the earrings and ring will be donated. My main disappointment is that I didn't see any of the neon accents and bold colours they suggested would be featured this month. The May Wantable Jewelry Box was so much better!

The lessons I learned this month are:
  • don't order a box based on a teaser photo
  • update quiz to show "dislike" for earrings

What did you get in your Wantable Jewerly Box this month?

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  1. I'm waiting for my Wantable Jewerly box. I hope its good. But I'm afraid after reading this post.

    1. I hope yours is great! Let me know what you get

  2. I don't mind the items but asides from the sunglasses that is not summer at all! :( how disappointing!

    1. The only thing I really hate are the 2nd set of earrings and maybe even the ring.

  3. Ouch! A bit of a let down huh. I've seen far too many reviews that aren't pleased with what they received. I'm certainly not going to spend that much money for maybe one or two pieces that I might like.

    1. Yes, after this I will be laying off Wantable. I have quite a bit of stuff from Little Black Bag coming my way and that's a far better deal.

  4. I'm so with you on that Wantable box. I also ordered it because I wanted that necklace on the teaser photo. I did receive different items than you, and my items weren't at all summery either. Unfortunately I did not like any of them. I was disappointed as well. Oh well, lesson learned. I wonder if anyone out there received that pictured necklace.

    Blueariel's Beauty

    1. I wish I knew where we could buy it direct!

  5. I would love to have that Wantable June Teaser but I guess not. I cant handle disappointment such as yours. Bummer! I dont feel like wearng those items. The sunglasses? I can deal with that. Thanks for sharing your experience. http://www.signaturejewelrypackaging.com/

  6. I was so disappointed with my first Wantable jewelry box I canceled. The jewelry looks so cheap. I hope you all get a better box.


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