Julep Maven Review - June 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Julep Maven
How Much? $19.99 per month, shipping included
What’s in it? At least $40 worth of products chosen depending on your style profile, or upgrade your box for an additional $30 and get the entire collection for the month ($220 value).
Modern Beauty: Get two full-size beauty products in every box.
Boho Glam:  Get two limited-edition nail colors and one full-size beauty product in every box. 
Bombshell: Get two limited-edition nail colors and one full-size beauty product in every box.
Classic with a Twist: Get two limited-edition nail colors and one full-size beauty product in every box.
It Girl: Get three limited-edition nail colors in every box.

I finally received my June Maven box after two weeks of anxious waiting. I've been reading Facebook, blogs and online forums and the backlash surrounding the DD Creme and DD Concealer is deafening. There are some angry Mavens out there! I will share some of my own opinions on the matter in a future post after I do some "science" experiments. Until there, here is my basic review of the June Modern Beauty Maven Box.

First look... I hate how Julep continues to use these paper shreds and they leave a fine dust over EVERYTHING. Plus it's not all that environmentally friendly. Anyway, I digress...

Julep DD Creme (28g/1oz, $36 regular, $28.20 maven)
A dynamic do-all makeup that goes beyond BB crème to moisturize, prime, perfect, and protect—both instantly and over time. SPF 25 provides daily defense from the sun; Two patented anti-aging ingredients decrease the appearance of pores and fine lines; Hibiscus and olive extracts keep skin hydrated; Lightweight, buildable coverage with an ultra-smoothing finish.

The infamous DD Creme.  One ounce net WEIGHT not one fluid ounce volume. This is where the major frustration comes in. Julep used a large container to hold a very small amount of product, resulting in a tube that feels, and literally is, half empty. But it does weigh one ounce. I weighed mine right after opening my box. My little kitchen scale read 1.5 ounces - 1 ounce of product and 0.5 ounces for the packaging.

But the big question is... does it work? Well... see for yourself. 

Hmm... that's rather dark for a "light" shade... I'm a little worried.

Ok... this is  terrible.  Dirty faced Lohan, here I come.

Wait.... what the? This isn't so bad after all! It takes a tremendous amount of blending but blend in, it does. I'm not in love with the texture and the almost matte like finish and feel... but hey, it could have been worse!

Julep DD Concealer (3g/0.11oz, $32 regular, $25.60 maven)
A multifunctional concealer that disguises and diminishes the appearance of dark circles, discoloration, redness, blemishes, and other skin flaws. Brightens and evens skin tone; Erases minor and major imperfections; Age-defying antioxidants protect delicate and damage-prone areas; Light-diffusing powders minimize wrinkles and pores. 

The DD Concealer is even more infamous than the DD Creme. And for good reason. This one is only meant to weigh 0.11 ounces. It's essentially two foil packets worth of product in a tube that is easily meant to hold at least 0.5 fluid ounces (or more) of product. I had to cut my tube open after taking this picture and doing my swatch, to get any more product out. 

And now for the swatch... you may want to cover your eyes...

Similar start to the DD Creme... hopes are high.

Hmm... this isn't as sheer as the Creme... it's a little cakey actually.

I'm not sure if the picture does it justice, but the top portion of my hand is orange. This NOT a self-tanning product, it's a concealer! Yikes! This is a no-go for me.

So I'm one for two on the DD revolution. One thing is certain, I would never, ever, ever buy these products again. Regardless of whether of not the cream worked for me, these two products are so grossly overpriced, it's insulting.

Did you get a June Maven box? What did you get? Any thoughts on the DD Creme and DD Concealer?

*All photos are unedited to show actual colours and are taken without flash, in natural light.

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  1. The DD creme seems really, really amazing, but the the DD concealer looks too dark...

  2. Hahaha...Dirty faced Lohan lol! DD Creme ��. DD concealer ��

  3. Julep is refunding people 2,000 jules for the modern beauty box (they may offer you 1,000 first, but if you mention it they offer 2,000, so stick up for yourself if you do decide to complain). It seems like you might be alright with the DD cream but the whole thing just seems horribly overpriced and bad quality, especially that concealer, ugh. Anyway just letting you know what I've learned from other people in my Julep swap group in case you decide to call customer service. I'm just happy I skipped this month!

    1. I already e-mailed about the concealer. The cream doesn't bother me as much as I might actually be able to use it.

  4. I would never buy anything that needs to be massaged into my face, seems to be too hard on delicate skin.
    PS. Did you receive a shipping notice yet for SeasonsBox? I'm trying to figure out how long on average it takes for the box to get to Canada from Atlanta.

    1. I did receive a shipping notice... as for average, my May box was shipped May 20 and arrived June 4 and the April box was shipped May 1 and arrived May 13th. I'm in BC and they ship from Atlanta, Georgia so it takes 2 weeks to get to me.

  5. My April box was (finally) shipped May 16 and arrived May 23. I live in Ontario.

  6. Yikes! I'm worried now about the concealer. Orange is not cool, but I'm not quite as fair-skinned as you...maybe it'll work for me. I need to get started writing my June review, but I'm still waiting for my add-on box with the DD concealer and Bunny polish to arrive. Any idea how long it usually takes for the add-ons to arrive?

    1. The Add-Ons ship separately but I've always received mine before the actual Maven box. Did you get a tracking e-mail?


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