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** Update November 2014 ** 
Glossybox US is now shipping to Canada!
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Original Post (June 2013)

Just my luck that I subscribed to GlossyBox Canada a week before they go out of business! I signed up May 21st for a 3 month subscription. The $60 payment went through on my credit card on May 22nd, as "Beauty Trends Berlin". On May 25th, I e-mailed the to enquire if my first box would be in May or in June. I received a reply the next day, advising I would be getting the May box.
MAY 26, 2013  |  07:11AM EDT Customer Service replied:
Hi Jillian,

You will be getting the May, June and July, as you created the order in May.

All the best,

P Reineck
Customer Relationship Manager
It was the next day that I noticed all the complaints on Facebook and the rumours of a Glymm style closure. I was shocked.

Then I found out the company that deals with GlossyBox Canada affiliate contracts advised its customers on May 10th that GlossyBox Canada would be closing down completely at the end of May. 

CJ sent a second e-mail shortly after explaining the first e-mail was an error and only the affiliate program was ending operations, not the entire Canadian branch of GlossBox. Something was fishy!

For the last week angry e-mails, Tweets and Facebook posts have gone unanswered. The last communication from GlossyBox on their Blog, Facebook and Twitter, prior to the announcement yesterday, was May 22nd. They explained the delays in shipping the May box on a billing issue. Good excuse, except they had no problem taking $60 from me on May 22nd. After e-mailing me on May 26th, all communication from GlossyBox ceased.

Lisa Kisber, the former face of GlossyBox Canada was contacted on Twitter by several people. She tweeted that she was no longer associated to the company and that GlossyBox US had taken over Canadian operations so clients should direct questions to them.

The American branch of GlossyBox was quick to deny those rumours.

Lisa Kisber has since deleted her tweet.

There were also rumours that former GlossyBox CEO, Andrew Tischler, was quoted as saying Canadian operations were being consolidated into a North American wide company with GlossyBox USA. GlossyBox Canada themselves denied this one.

Finally on June 1st, GlossyBox sent customers an e-mail and updated their Facebook and Twitter pages.

What was already so apparent became official. It was also apparent that they knew for some time that operations would end in May but chose not to disclose anything to customers. It is very apparent to me, that when I signed up May 21st, e-mailed on May 25th and received a reply from "P Reineck" on May 26th, that GlossyBox Canada knew it was no longer operating as a subscription service. It should also be noted they continued to accept new subscriptions and take payment for same up until YESTERDAY.

GlossyBox claims everyone who paid and did not receive a box will be issued refunds. Time will tell if they follow through. On the one hand it's good they are even issuing refunds. That is more than Glymm offered. On the other hand, it is deplorable the way they have lied and deceived customers. I feel most taken advantage of since I signed up after they already knew they were ceasing operations.

The funny part is, I only signed up so I could get a few pretty pink boxes. Anyone who has read a GlossyBox Canada review over the past few months knows the boxes weren't great. Drug store brands, low value, and the scandal with the December box when they sent out discontinued products. For $21 per month, they should have done better. Looking back, we should have seen the signs and we should have seen this coming. I trusted the GlossyBox brand though, and that was my mistake.

How do you feel about GlossyBox Canada going out of business?

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  1. I received my first Glossybox in April and was really happy with it, so I'm quite disappointed. But really what's most disappointing is how they've treated their customers. I really hope we all get our prepayments back.

    Blueariel's Beauty

  2. I subscribed to GB for six months since they launched, and they were plagued with shipping problems from the beginning that was never resolved over the course of my subscription. Also, their selection was not as high end as I thought it would be. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with that, especially since they sent out full-sized items, but what really pissed me off was that they kept repeating the same brands and sometimes the same products every other month. And most of the time I felt like everyone was getting the same thing. Eventually I had enough and I cancelled my subscription despite being a few points shy of a free box. While I did hope that they would rectify their many problems, I'm also not surprised they went out of business. It's a shame really because I really enjoyed Lisa Kisber as the spokesperson for the company.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes the refund was processed immediately after the official goodbye email was sent out.


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