Foodie Pages Tasting Box - May 2013 - Gourmet Food Subscription Box

What is it? Foodie Pages Tasting Box
How much? $10.95 per month, shipping included
What's in it?  5 scrumptious tastes from some of Canada's top food makers
This is my absolute favourite box ever. Hands down. No contest. Food, Canadian and cheap! Win, Win, Win! Unfortunately subscriptions are very limited and only open up periodically. Make sure you sign up for a Foodie Pages account here so you get notification when Tasting Box subscriptions open again.

My only complaint with the Tasting Box is that they bill for it on the 1st of the month but don't ship until the very end of the month. This is the May box, but it shipped on May 26th. The June box is currently scheduled to ship July 2nd but they charged me for it on June 1st, before I had even received the May box. That's a bit of an annoyance. It feels like they are a month behind. I also don't receive shipping confirmation e-mails. I'm not sure if this is an issue with everyone or just me, but the same thing happened with my Foodie Pages Chef's Box in April. I only knew the boxes shipped by logging into my account and checking my order history.

Those issues aside, I seriously do LOVE this box!

 First Look

The product info card has very short blurbs about the items in the box. I used the product information from the website in this post because it was more thorough and informative.

Here is what I received in my very first Foodie Pages Tasting Box!

Major Craig's North India Chutney (Ottawa, Ontario - 250ml, $8.50 - FULL SIZE!)
This is our oldest recipe dating back to 1884 when the Major was in India. It is a beautiful Victorian Chutney, sweet and savoury with cloves, nutmeg, fresh ginger, just a hint of curry and lots of sweet fruits. We enjoy this on EVERYTHING… on the side of roast beef, on a sandwich or burger, stuffed into tenderloin or as a glaze on chicken. The uses for this great chutney are limitless.

I'm excited for this because I have been wanting to make Oprah's favourite turkey burger and the recipe calls for the classic Major Grey's chutney. I love that this product alone is almost the cost of the entire box. Good start already!

Alphonsa's Mango Papaya Dressing (Ajax, Ontario - 125ml sample, $2.80)
This Mango Papaya Dressing can bring the sweet kick to any salad. It has a refreshing quality with a kiss (or two) of sweetness. Great for summer greens or to bring the tropics to the table any time of the year. This dressing is versatile can be used to glaze chicken.

I love fruit based dressings. One of my go-to summer time recipes is a salad with mangoes, prawns, seared scallops and a mango dressing. I think this mango papaya dressing will be perfect for the salad. As for this dressing itself, it's a bit too tart for my liking and I find the rice vinegar really masks the fruit flavours. I might add a bit of honey to sweeten it up when it comes time to make my salad.

Full of Beans Mixed Beans for Hearty Bean Chili (Bornholm, Ontario - 250g sample, $2.50)
Full of Beans offers a wide variety of bean mixes from entirely locally grown beans, mostly grown on our farm in Bornholm, Ontario. This mix will fill a large crock pot.

I've never cooked with dry beans before but I'm up for the challenge. I was planning to make chili soon anyway. I will likely doctor it up with my own additions and flare though. The recipe is rather basic.

Stone Milled Specialty Grains Buckshots in Smokey BBQ (Oak Bluff, Manitoba - 39g snack pack, $1.60) 
Buckshots are a nutritious gluten free snack, made from buckwheat. Enjoy them as snacks right out of the pack or toss them on salads for extra protein. Award winning Buckshots are made from buckwheat, the naturally gluten free ancient grain. Buckwheat is a member of the rhubarb family and its high protein has one of the highest amino acid scores among plant sources.  

Who would have thought little buckwheat grains would make such a tasty snack? I tossed some into a southwest style salad for an added crunch. The snack pouch is small, but it's still large enough to last for several servings, so that makes me wish the pouch was re-sealable.

Kimberley's Own All Natural Granola (Toronto, Ontario - 30g sample, $1)
Kimberley's Own Original granola contains over 40% nuts, seeds and fruit including organic Tibetan Goji Berries and Organic Chia Seeds. For those who like a variety in every bite this one is for you. 

I love that is granola is 40% seeds and nuts and not just oats. This sample is just enough to top my yogourt tomorrow morning!

The Verdict
I paid $10.95 for this box and received $16.40 worth of product. The value is so great and I love being able to sample great gourmet food items from indie suppliers around the country. I hope to see more regional variety next time. Four out of five items are from Ontario. There is great food makers here in BC too! I'm really happy with my first Tasting Box and I'm looking forward to continuing with this subscription for some time.

Tasting Box subscriptions are sold out right now, but make sure you register with Foodie Pages so are notified as soon as spots open up!

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  1. Thanks for this. I am a little jealous. I keep missing their openings for the Tasting Box, but will continue to try to sign up.

    1. As soon as I see subscriptions open I will tweet & post so hopefully some of those waiting can sign up!

  2. It was great to see your review, as this is my first time reviewing a food box and it's cool to see how somebody else did it and what they thought. Thanks for stopping by to comment on mine. I guess I was unclear about them charging a month in advance, I guess I thought I was getting the June box so it made sense I was being charged for June... whoops. I do agree that a tad more variety with the location of the producers would be nice. Interesting idea about adding honey to the dressing, may have to try that! Great review.

    1. It looks like we had some similar views with the dressing and wishing for a re-sealable pouch on the buckshots too. :)

    2. Yup! I notice you got a different buckshots flavour too, how was smoky BBQ? That also sounds delicious. I just don't think I would like the dill one.

  3. I like the price, but don't think I would use most of those products. Still worth a try though. I signed up and hope I'm able to try the Tastings Box.

    1. You could always collect a few months worth and re-gift into gourmet food baskets at Christmas time.

  4. I loved everything in this box! Especially the chutney!

    1. I still haven't tried it. What should I eat it with? Any recommendations?

  5. I liked the chutney. But I had the same feelings about the salad dressing; it could have been sweeter for a fruit-based dressing. But you can't beat $11 for a box of gourmet treats.

    1. The price is the main reason I signed up. You can't beat it, that's for sure!

  6. This looks like a pretty fun box!

    1. It is a lot of fun to try new food items and experiment in the kitchen. That's the perfect description for this box - fun!


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