Beauty Box 5 Review - May 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Beauty Box 5 
How Much? $12 monthly, $30 quarterly, $100 yearly (shipping included) 
What’s in it? 4-5 samples of your favourite beauty brands

It's BB5 time again.  According to my May Monthly Status Update, this box shipped on May 20th which means, once again, it took exactly three weeks to arrive. Beauty Box 5 has the slowest shipping of any box on my subscription list. Even Bonjour Jolie, which comes from Florida, arrives sooner than BB5. (BB5 ships from Texas). Anyway, not much they can do about shipping and I probably shouldn't complain too much becuase it's FREE and that is one of the main features of this box and one of the main reasons I subscribed. Shipping rant over!

Because it takes BB5 three weeks to arrive in beautiful British Columbia, I always scope out the spoilers online beforehand. It takes the surprise out of the box, but at the same time, I like knowing what to expect. Aside from my own sought-out spoilers, Beauty Box 5 sent an e-mail on May 29th advising that a product in my box was left off the product card. Apparently I was getting a Brazen lip gloss. Thanks BB5!

Model Co Black Eyeliner ($18, Full size)
Effortless application, amazing staying power and hydration from an eyeliner? Nothing beats Model Co's Color Box Black Eye Pencil!

Surprisingly this is the first eye liner I have ever received in a beauty box. From what I've read they are a beauty box staple. My go-to is cream eyeliner from Smashbox so I might gift this one.

Jean Pierre Self Tan Wipe (2 wipes,  $1.80)
Summer's on its way beauties... time to get your tan on the safe way! For that natural bronze glow, apply this handy little towelette in a circular motion to dry clean skin. 

I know it's summer, but I'm already sick of seeing self-tanning products in beauty boxes. I don't tan, nor do I want a tan. These will be going in the gift pile.

Coolway Transform Styling Spray (3.3oz deluxe sample, $12.30)
Want to cut your blow drying time in half? Maybe you want to reduce hot tool styling damage? Just spray Transform on clean, towel dried hair and blow dry or style as usual.

This is a really large sample (3.3oz/100ml) but I actually expected it to be bigger after seeing spoilers. Photos sure are deceiving. I look forward to trying this out to see if it works any better than KMS Freeshape (received in the the Spring LuxeBox).

LA Fresh Antiperspirant Wipe for Women (2 wipes, $0.85)
Lets face it, we all occasionally miss a step in our morning routine. Well problem solved! Pack a few of these discrete little deodorant wipes in your purse or stack a stack in your desk for those potentially fragrant forgetful days.

I can't say that I have forgotten to put on deodorant in the morning but I always think I have. Then I'm in the car on the way to work or in the work bathroom doing the sniff test to see if I smell my usual Lady Speed Stick. Because of this irrational fear, I carry an extra pit-stick in my work bag. You just never know. These will be kept at work.

Brazen Cosmetics Ultra Glaze Lip Gloss in Centerfold (3g sample, $4.25)
This creamy formula will deliver a long lasting wear that will have you hooked! Apply alone for a slight hint of color or layer over lipstick for a bolder look.

This is the product that was left off the card (instead it shows Ferro Cosmetics eye shadow). I don't like lip products in pots. This one will require a lip brush for application which makes it very inconvenient and cumbersome.  The gloss is very shiny with a hint of shimmer and I actually don't mind the colour. Incidentally, the full size Brazen lip glosses come in a little squeeze tube.

As always, I received 5 products in this Beauty Box 5, with a combined estimated value of over $37! That's a huge value for a box that costs $12 a month (or $8.33 with a yearly subscription). The bulk of  the value comes from the full size Model Co lip liner and the deluxe Coolway sample. This isn't my favourite BB5, but I will able to get use out of most of the products.

What did you think of the May edition of Beauty Box 5?

Thinking of signing up? Plesase consider using my referral link! Beauty Box 5 is $12 a month, including shipping. With a 1 year pre-paid subscription, it works out to $8.33 per month! That's the best value subscription box on the market.

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  1. I actually sent an email to Beauty Box Five because I was so upset about receiving Brazen Cosmetics, La Fresh and Model Co. again. One of the reasons I signed up for the beauty box was to try new brands! Ugh, sorry - I'm very frustrated. I'm glad you're happy with the box!

    1. I think a lot of people are feeling that way. The spoilers for June show more Coolway and possibly Brazen too but also a couple new brands. Hopefully they can get more brand partners.

    2. I agree there is often a lot of repetitive items but sometimes neat things, I loved the bare minerals brush, high value item and also the makeupo sanitizer stuff and the brush guards which I had not been aware of. The brushguards are awesome and proved difficult to find until I found on Sephora. Great cheap itemj that really saves your investment esp if u have $$$ brushes. Anyway sorry to babble but with the super low cost as a big factor I accept some repetitiveness at least its not 25_+

  2. I love Aloap Beauty Mail and Ipsy :)


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