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I'm four months into my year long Beauty Box 5 subscription and I thought this would be a good opportunity to do a full analysis of the subscription so far. My subscription started in February and to date, I have received boxes for February, March, April and May. I am going to analyze a few areas of this subscription: shipping, content and value. Shipping will look at when the boxes ship and how long they take to arrive, content will examine product count, product quality and product/brand variety and value will break down cost paid, value received and total savings. This post will include only the facts and figures, no commentary or judgment. I hope it will help those of you who are thinking of signing up for Beauty Box 5.

Box is supposed to ship on 15th of every month. Ships from Texas.

Number of months shipped on time: 1
Average number of days in transit: 19.25

Beauty Box 5 promised 4-5 products every month from "your favorite beauty brands".


Some months included multiple of the same product (2 foil packets of one product). Those are counted as one item. 

Product breakdown:

For all products in foil packets, we received two packets, however for the review purposes, they are counted as one item.

Brand breakdown:

 I have a one year subscription, which is $100, pre-paid. That makes my monthly box cost only $8.33 per month, a savings of $3.67 per month, off the regular price.


  • On time shipping 25% of the time
  • Just under 3 week shipping time from Texas to BC
  • 21 products received total 
  • Top products received: Makeup (5), Bath/Body (5), Foil Packets (4), Hair (3) 
  • Received two products from same brand: 4 times
  • Received three products from same brand: 3 times
  • Number of products used since receiving: 7
  • Number of products given away since receiving: 1
  • Number of products with no use to me: 2
  • Amount spent: $33.32
  • Value received: $159.86

If you would like to know more about Beauty Box 5, please read my reviews from  February, March, April and May!

If you are interested in signing up for Beauty Box 5, please use my referral link!

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  1. Wow, totally blown away by this post. Was planning to try this box out, but I think I'm going to wait an extra month (not the biggest coolway fan). It doesn't look like your sub'ed to Starlooks - I'm planning to give them a shot. Let me know if you are & send a ref link my way.

    P.S.: Have not opened the box yet. Had to have someone hide it for me because it's SO hard to resist. Thinking I'm gonna try & do the unboxing vid tomorrow. Still sick, but getting better. (:

    1. I'm not subscribed to Starlooks. Maybe in the future but it's not something I need right now... funny saying that because I don't *really* need any of them!

      BB5 is great as a starter sub and the value can't be beat but for those looking for more variety and higher end brands, this probably isn't the right fit.

  2. Really insightful post!I just signed up for this one, and I realized going in there have been a lot of repeats, but the value is there and hopefully it is something they fix in the future.

    1. The spoilers I've seen for June already show a couple new brands so hopefully that trend continues.


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