Topbox Review - May 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Topbox
How Much? $12 per month, shipping included
What’s in it?  4 deluxe beauty samples
Once again Topbox impressed the heck out of me with their super efficient shipping. Box shipped late on May 9th, tracking info was e-mail the morning of May 10th and the tube was in my mail box in late afternoon on the same day.  It doesn't get any faster than that!

For May, Topbox offered 5 Prive box choices (Coolway Hair, MaskerAide, PretendTAN, February Favourites & Elizabeth Arden) plus the regular Topbox. I opted to "wish" for the MaskerAide box. Unfortunately I didn't get that one and ended up getting the regular Topbox. It still has some great products so I'm happy regardless. Let's take a look...

Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer in "So So Sofia"
Triple pigmented colour, DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde FREE, High Shine Professional Nail Colours. Full size ($10)

I have SO many polishes courtesy of Julep so I'm not sure I will be keeping this one. It is a nice neutral shade though so it might be good to have in my collection.

Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional
PRO Balm to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. Full size: $34 for 22ml
Sample size is 7.5ml, $11.59 value 

I received another of this sample as part of the Fab & Free promo from Murale but I have yet to use it. I'm really excited to try it though. I have heard good things.

Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in "Stylista" (Canadian Brand)
Intense Colour, Extreme Shine, Long-Lasting. Full size: $23 for 6ml
Sample size is 1.5ml, $5.75 value

I don't think this is my colour so I will probably be passing this on to my sister or a friend.

Yaby Eye Shadow Refill in "Coco Powder" (Canadian Brand)
Highly pigmented eye shadow with super smooth texture that blends effortlessly. 
15.5mm eye shadow refill. Full size, value $3.15.

This shade is from the Yaby Cosmetics "Dramatically Neutral" pallet collection. I like this neutral colour and I use brown shades a fair bit so I will probably get use out of this product. I need to get a magnetic pallet to hold it though!

All totalled my May Topbox has an estimated value of $30.49. I paid $13.44 with tax. I like the variety of products and I love that the box included so many cosmetics this month, since last month included only beauty products.

Did you get a Topbox this month? Which one did you get?

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  1. Not bad! I might just go ahead and subscribe one of these days haha.

    1. Get on the wait list now! It takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

  2. I put myself on the waiting list for these, it seems like the best affordable choice for a beauty box. I'm not sure how many of this month's products I would use personally, but overall it seems like a great box :)

    1. I was on the wait list for about 2 weeks before being offered a chance to register and then another 2-3 weeks before being offered my subscription. Some people have had to wait longer.

    2. Good to know about the wait. I'm not in a rush. I was trying to decide between this and BeautyBox5. It's hard to know which one is the best choice for an affordable but nice quality beauty box.

    3. If/when you are ready to try Topbox, drop me an e-mail I will send you an invite.

  3. I received the same products you did, except I was sent pink eye shadow which I would never use. I was a little disappointed, as I don't really wear a lot of make-up, but I realize that some months are going to be a bit of a miss and so, overall, I am still happy with TopBox and will continue with them. I always appreciate your comments and tally of value.

    1. That's too bad about the pink shadow. I also saw people receive bright blue! I'm quite happy I got a neutral shade or I would have to give it away.

  4. I get bothe Topbox and BB5. BB5 is very unpredictable and takes forever to arrive, they do however have very nice cusomer service and have improved a lot. What I like about it is that I get products I dont get in the Canadian boxes and the variety is kinda interesting, also cost is low probably one of the reasons shipping is so incredibly long, anyway its usually interesting. I also tried the new to canada Wantablew box this past month and it was pretty good but a bit costly by the time you include shipping and all. Still you receive full size cosmetics. As this was their first month to Canada I am interested to see how it will go. I think I too am getting all of the boxes available. I had discontinued Glymm but heard they went under leaving people hanging, true or no?

    1. That is very true. Several customers were out money when Glymm abruptly ceased operations in March and closed in April. They charged customers for March, April yet sent no bags. They even charged the month-to-month customers for May bags in early April the week before they finally shut down their website, e-mail and Facebook. Super shady.


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