Seasons Box Review - April 2013 - Eco-Lifestyle Subscription Box

*This box is closed*
What is it? Seasons Box
How Much? $34.90 monthly, $99.70 quarterly, $174.50 semi-annually, $349 yearly.
What's in it? 3-5 luxurious full size seasonal must-have products for your home, body and spirit

I signed up for Seasons Box on April 20th, after reading so many amazing reviews on the April box. Truth be told, I had been monitoring Seasons Box since the February box and was waiting for one that really, really knocked my socks off. March didn't quite do it for me and April was so-so, until I read a couple reviews that helped me off the fence. I signed up for a 6 month subscription.

I immediately e-mailed customer service to inquire if I would be receiving the April box or if my subscription would begin in May. I didn't receive a reply for 10 days. I had to e-mail 3 times total before someone finally got back to me. Here I am, a brand new customer, who just dropped $175 on a half-year subscription and I couldn't get a reply from the company. I was a pretty frustrating experience, especially after reading reviews that raved about great customer service.

When the representative did finally reply to my e-mail, on April 30, she was very apologetic, accepted full blame and went on to say that I would likely be receiving the May box first. April was their most popular month ever and it looked like the April boxes were sold out. The representative ended the e-mail by saying "We will do our best to make it up to you... and May's Box is really great!! So we hope you love it!".

I was bummed that I wouldn't get the April box, but understood the situation. I signed up quite late in the month. The day after I received my reply e-mail from Seasons Box, I received another e-mail, this one a shipping notification. I was a little confused but took it to mean they were expediting the May box to me to make up for the troubles. The box shipped May 1st and arrived today, May 13th. Imagine my surprise, and delight, when I opened it up and saw... 

APRIL'S BOX! - "Sweet & Lovely"

I am absolutely thrilled that Seasons Box came through and was able to get me an April box. This is probably the best box they have offered to date. All frustrations with the customer service have been allayed. They turned a disappointing, negative experience around and caught me completely by surprise. The also included a bonus item in my box!

Now for the April box...  


The theme for the April box was "Sweet and Lovely". The products include items that are "healthy and natural, and products that help empower women in poverty".

Honibe Honey Drop Honey To Go (box of 12, $5.99)
These sweet delights are made from 100% natural specialty honey from Price Edward Island. The Honibe Honey Drops are a wonderful nutritional supplement and are ideal for anyone on the go because you just might not have a jar of honey one hand when you're travelling or sitting in an office.

I LOVE this product. I regularly use honey sticks when on the go and at work but they are still messy. These dehydrated honey drops are genius and CANADIAN! Love it.

Connected in Hope Shiromeda Spring Scarf ($32)
Connected in Hope is a non-profit organization that strives to empower women in Ethiopia to rise above poverty through sustainable income development. You can feel great about wearing your Connected in Hope scarf knowing that the profits from each scarf are devoted to empowering women and strengthening families.

I received the green scarf, and it was handwoven by a woman named Moshet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It's beautiful and a very lightweight. It will be perfect for cool evenings at the cottage this summer.

Ecotools Foam Applicator ($5.99)
The Ecotools Foam Applicator is earth-friendly beauty at its best, crafted with recycled aluminum ferrule and a sleek bamboo handle. The firm applicator tip applies liquid foundation easily around the contours of your face such as eyes and nose.

I like the idea of this applicator. It's like a beauty blender sponge but with a handle which makes me think it's easier to use

Crawford Street Skin Care Lemon Deodorant Cream  ($12)
There is no need to add harmful toxins to your body to stay fresh. This deodorant cream smells delicious - like a lemon meringue pie, and it has all natural yummy ingredients, including lemon, grapefruit, orange and cloves.

I recently bough a natural deodorant stick from another company and it isn't my favourite. I'm looking forward to trying this brand. 

Bonus Item!
Evergreen Co. Chai Tea Lip Balm ($4)
Moisturize your lips with this delicious Chai Tea Lip Balm! Chai Tea is a blend of earl grey tea, Tahitian vanilla, all spice, cinnamon bark, nutmeg and ginger. We handcraft this Chai Tea Lip Balm in Upstate New York using all natural and local ingredients when possible. This lip balm is light, non greasy and perfectly moisturizing. 

This product is from an independent Etsy seller and produced in Upstate New York. There's a lot of great products in the store. They also included a promo code good for 15% off, expiring May 31, 2013. If you are interested in shopping Evergreen Co., use code EVERGREEN15.

I LOVE my first Seasons Box. I received five products, valued at $60! I purchased a six month subscription so each box costs me approximately $29. My first box is an amazing value, even without the bonus lip balm. I am so pleased with the products in Seasons Box and I am also very impressed at how they handled and corrected my customer service issue. Happy customer!

A last note... Seasons Box now ships from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. I was worried this would mean additional fees due for customs. When I received the package today, I was happy to see Seasons Box listed the declared value of the box as $22.90, which means CBSA opted to let my box slide into Canada with no additional money owing to the wonderful Canadian Government. (Normally, anything under $20 is automatically exempt and anything slightly over is at the discretion of the agent.) 

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  1. great review! :) i absolutely loved the scarf in the april box... i wear it very often! i also loved receiving the lemon deodorant cream as i have tried that product before and it is one of my favourites.

    i'm relieved to hear that there is no additional fee due to customs... do you recall if it was shipped through fedex? while i have been very happy with seasonsbox, i'm a little disappointed that subscribers weren't contacted about the change to U.S. based operations.

    1. It arrived via Canada Post. I don't understand why they would move Canadian shipping to the southern US. How can that save money? It would make more sense to leave Canadian shipping in Canada and move American shipping to the US. I'm wondering if the entire company has been sold/re-located and that's why they had so many issues in April.

  2. My understanding is that they're moved their entire operations to Atlanta and are no longer operating out of Canada at all. I am still waiting for my April box, but I understand there was huge confusion and delays with their move and I'm willing to be patient. I just received a Fedex notice for the April box ... unfortunately it looks like shipping is going to take MUCH longer now. I'm like you, I am a little apprehensive about customs/duty, which was NOT an issue when I signed up a couple of months ago (for a year).

    1. Moved operations means the business sold. That explains all the customer service and shipping issues of late. I really wish the SeasonsBox people would be up front about these changes. Don't customers have a right to know if the business sold & moved operations to another country? Especially Canadian customers, since it affects us the most!


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