Sweet Delights Divalicious Sample Box Review - April 2013

The Spring edition of the Sweet Delights Divalicious Sample Box went on sale at 5:00 PST on March 26th. I was lucky enough to be at work so I didn't need to set my alarm and roll out of bed just to buy the box. Apparently this box is pretty coveted and sells out almost instantly. The website says that this season's box sold out in about 5 minutes. The box promises 10-15 full-size and sample size products from a mix of contributors, relating to bath, beauty and style products. Without further ado, here is a peek inside my Divalicious Sample Box:

See a run down of the treats found inside after the jump!
The first thing I pulled out was the brown paper bag on the left.

It contained a full size soap and a sample soap from Antidote Natural Handmade Soaps from Spring Texas. The full-size Peppermint Pines Soap "is made using Peppermint Essential Oil, and Pine Essential Oil - both of which are antibacterial, antiseptic and are known to help certain respiratory disorders and certain skin irritations". The bag also contained a sample of "Charlie Chap(ped)man Soap, which is great "for those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry and chapped skin". (Soap Value $4, Sample unknown value)

Next up was a little ziplock bag containing three sample products from Fresh Toppings. The Natural Glow Face Kit came with Rose & Mint Foaming Face Wash, Microdermabrasion Cream and Restore Light Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Coupon Code: DIVADELIGHT will get you 15% off on the website. (unknown value)

Next up, in the pink tissue, was a plethora of lip products. First up is a full-size vegan lip balm from Uprising Botanicals, out of California. Mine is Citrus Splash flavour, which is perfect because the other options were lavender and cinnamon and they aren't my favourites (value $3). Next comes a full-size Lip Shimmer stick from Turner Soap Company. The "Vanilla Cream Lip Shimmer leaves a light shimmer and vanilla scent". TSC is a Canadian company, based in New Brunswick! (Value $6.49) Also included was a full-size tube of lip balm from The Orange Owl in Zesty Splendor scent (Value $3.75). Along with that came a tube of Incredibalm, a full-size, all natural aromatherapy lip balm in orange-coconut scent. Incredibalm is from New York state (value $2.99). The last lip item in this bunch is Tulip Grease, a full-size tupe of lip balm made from all natural ingredients in Coconut Swoon scent. The company is based in Pennsylvania. (Value $6)

The large ziplock bag contained a generous sample of Cucumber Melon Goat Milk Honey Hand Lotion from Hydranics Skin Care, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma (value $3). Receive 15% off your online order on their website using Coupon Code SPRINGDIVA2013. Offer valid until June 30, 2013. They ship to Canada too!
Next was the big pink cello bag FULL of goodies. It smelled soooo good. Inside I found many more product samples.
The pouch is from D&E Handmade Cosmetics, all the way from the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The packed contains a sample of Mochaccino Bronzer (unknown value). It's not something I can use because of my fair skin so I may pass it off to a friend. The little green container is a sample of "the leading hand cream for people who work with their hands" from O'Keeffe's Company (value $7.99). I don't work with my hands but I can always use a heavy skin cream, especially for my elbows! The little candle at the bottom is another sample from Uprising Botanicals (unknown value). Along with the vegan lip balm, they also included a promo code for 25% off your first order on their website, using coupon code Diva.
Another candle was included in the package. This one is a soy based candle form La Soy Candles (value $1). As a bonus, they have offered $5 off your purchase on their website using promo code samplebox at checkout.

Now for the soaps...

At the top we have a bar of Grapefruit Buzz soap from Kensico Soap Bar in New York (unknown value, website down). As a bonus they are offering 10% off orders using coupon code DIVA2013. Next is a bar of ginger lemongrass soap from Autumn Moon Soap Co. in Pennsylvania (value $5). They have also included a promo. Use coupon code SWEET2013 at the Etsy shop and receive 10% off your order. The next soap is from JayneGirl Bath & Body, located in Salmon Arm, British Columbia (where my Aunt lives!). The full-size bar in "Wake Me Up So I Can Go Go" scent is made with vegetable oils, nut and seed butters, pure essential oils, herbs and other natural ingredients (value $5). And finally there is a very cool bar of soap from Girly Goats in Springfield, Tennessee. The full size goats milk soap is in Sugared Strawberry scent and comes in a great egg carton style package (value $5.50). They also included a coupon code to receive a free 4oz bottle of Bubbles Hand Soap on any order over $25 on the Girly Goats website. Coupon code Divas will get you that deal, but it expires July 1, 2013.

And the final products... a handmade bracelet from Rapt Elegance Jewelry. I received a seven wire brass and purple bracelet handmade by jewellery artist Sue Lindsey. It's priced at $22 on the website. I love the braided tri-colour bracelets they have for sale as well.

The Verdict

Overall I'm really impressed by the value of the Sweet Delights box. I paid $26, including shipping. I received 20 samples and pretty well all of them were full-sized! Total estimated value is over $75. Most of these products I never would have heard of if not for the sample box. I'm also impressed that most of the companies provided promo codes for additional discounts in their online stores. It's a great way to encourage us testers to buy the products after we try them. My only disappointment is that there aren't as many Canadian companies represented as I expected. Despite being happy with the value, quantity and quality of products received, I'm not sure I would purchase a Sweet Delights box again. The main reason is that the majority of the products are not things that appeal to me enough to purchase again and there is not enough variety for my liking - 5 bars of soap and 5 tubes of lip balm is a bit overkill. I already know I will purchase at least one product again, and that is the soap from JayneGirl Bath & Body - mostly because it is a local product for me. Most of the other products I plan to gift or give away.

Did you get the Spring Sweet Delights box? What did you get? What did you think? 

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