Glymm - Officially Out of Business

After nearly two months of confusion, frustration, anger from subscribers and silence from Glymm, the beauty box company from Quebec finally sent subscribers notification that they have shut down the business.

Goodbye from Glymm

From Petite Pear Style, with permission. Click to enlarge.

I was not a Gymm subscriber, but I still find it completely insulting that their e-mail made no mention of client refunds. The last box shipped was February. Many commentators on the Facebook page noted Glymm had already processed their credit cards for April and May payments, despite obvious issues with the company and missing the March box. Hopefully subscribers will be able to take the business closure confirmation to their credit card companies and get full refunds.

You can read more about the Glymm fiasco here, at Petite Pear Style.

What does this mean for other subscription box services and subscribers? I'm not really sure. Quite honestly, the subscription box business model does not seem sustainable over the long term. There have been a few services that have shut down over the past years, but none have handled their closures as poorly and as deceptively as Glymm. I hope all subscription services take note of this situation and learn from it. As a subscriber, I feel like this situation (as well as the Natural Beauty Box situation, which I will write about soon), has changed how I subscribe to beauty boxes and my attitude towards them in general. The Glymm situation has scared me away from year long subscriptions. The Natural Beauty Box has turned me off small and independent services. Both of them have me leery of brand new start-ups. It's really unfortunate.

What are your thoughts on the Glymm closure? How will it impact your buying decisions for future subscription boxes?

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  1. I was a Glymm subscriber for a year starting in Oct 2012 and so when I signed up for another year this past January, I didn't think anything of it or that they would be bankrupt! I found their Goodbye Email to be so cheap. No answers to subscribers ever-burning questions about where our money is or even an "I'm sorry"...

    I am now NEVER signing up for a year in advance again for anything because this has really scared me...TNBB is also one that after their very late December box and awfully shady business ethics I just couldn't stay with them either.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the update. I've heard here and there that's things weren't looking good for Glymm, but that's really pathetic the way the informed customers. Just some lame good-bye and didn't immediately inform customers that they'll issue refunds to those who have subscribed! I'm glad I cancelled when I did in Feb. Like you said, I'm a little too scared to commit to a year long membership when who knows where these companies will be in a year.


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