Beauty Box 5 Review - February 2013 - Monthly Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Beauty Box 5* 
How Much? $12 monthly, $30 quarterly, $100 yearly (shipping included) 
What’s in it? 4-5 samples of your favourite beauty brands

In early February, Beauty Box 5 sent an e-mail advising subscribers the box would ship a bit late for the month. In celebration of their first anniversary, Beauty Box 5 was putting together a special box, with bigger samples, that would be heavier than usual and would require a different shipping method than usual. The box ended up shipping towards the end of the month instead of middle. Shipping to Canada takes quite a bit longer so my box didn’t arrive until March 8th! This was my first Beauty Box 5 so the anticipation was palpable. I was thrilled when it finally arrived.

The box is quite small and fit nicely in my condo-sized mail slot. Inside the samples were arranged neatly on a bed of black crinkle paper. Here’s what was inside:


The product information/birthday card provided the following product information:

  • Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub (Tropical Mango scent - others received Coconut Lime scent). “Smooth, nourished, glowing skin is just a scrub away with this essential oil-packed sugar-based exfoliant”. 5.5 oz travel size. Full size is $7.49 for 18 oz. Approximate sample value $1.36.
I love this product. It smells amazing, is gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

  • Coolway Boost “Infuse your hair with moisture and lock in that straightened style before you even get out of the shower!” 1 oz sample size. Full is is $39.95 for 8 oz. Approximate sample value $4.99.
I’m undecided about this one. I’ve used it once so far. The sample is enough for approximately 2 uses, since each use requires 2-3 teaspoons of serum. It’s an in-shower, rinse-out serum which makes it convenient, but I didn’t notice that it did anything for my hair. I’m a regular straightening iron user so I had high hopes for this one. So far it hasn’t delivered. At $40 for an 8 oz full-size, which would last perhaps 16-20 uses, I definitely would not purchase this product. I should also note, the product info card included a 20% off promo code to use at the Coolway website. Unfortunately, the code expired a week after I received my box and I’m sure many other Canadian subscribers received their box after the code expired.

  • The Brush Guard Variety Pack “These handy little guards mean you’ll never again have to worry about damaging your brushes during travel! Hooray!” 3 piece sample pack. Full pack is $5.50 for 4 pieces. (The Brush Guard Website says the full variety pack is $5.50 for 6 pieces so we’ll go with that.) Approximate sample value is $2.75.
The product card described this as a “Variety Pack” but it is actually labelled as a “Sample Pack”. The true Variety Pack for sale on the website contains six assorted size pieces and retails for $5.50. I like the concept of this product, and plan to use them to wash my makeup brushes for the first time ever (yes, first time ever!). I’m not sure I would use them for travel and I probably wouldn’t buy this again just because it’s not something I need, but I’m happy to have the sample and will make good use of it.

  • H2O + Bath Aquatics Shampoo “Your hair will feel like you washed it in sparkling spring water when you use this extra-gentle, non-drying and great smelling shampoo! 1.25 oz travel size. Full size is $14 for 8.5 oz. Approximate sample value $2.06.
I’ve heard good things about this product line and I love getting shampoo samples since they are great for travel. This one smells fresh and clean and I can’t wait to use it.

  • $50 gift card to, a website where you can download audio and video workouts to your Mp3 player.
There was no information about this in on the product info card. Many of the blog reviews I read brushed it off as a non-value item but I was quite happy to see it. I already used most of the value of my card and downloaded a “6-Week Body Makeover Weight Loss” program, composed of more than a dozen Mp3 files and videos. I can load them onto my iPad or iPod and have my own personal trainer in my ear as I work out. It’s a pretty cool concept and I was happy to receive this gift card. Check it out yourself at

  • BB5 Foldable Brush Compact with mirror “A gift in honor of our first anniversary!”
A great little bonus that will get a lot of use. I don’t usually pack a brush with me on vacation so this will come in handy, even more so because it has a mirror in it as well! Similar ones online sell for about $5.


The Verdict

Total estimated value for the February 2013 Beauty Box 5 is $66.16. That’s an amazing value considering the box cost me about $8.33 with a yearly subscription! I’m happy with the products and all six of them will be put to use.

Also included in the box was a referral promo. From February to March 15th, BB5 would send a $5 Sephora gift card for each referral that subscribes. I was very surprised to get an e-mail the other day with a link to a $10 Sephora gift card code. So far I’m linking BB5 and the perks.

Have you joined Beauty Box 5* yet? What did you think of the February box?

*Referal links

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