Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bulu Box Review - June 2013 - Fitness Nutrition Subscription Box

*As of June 2013, Bulu Box no longer ships to Canada*
What is it? Bulu Box
How Much? $10 per month recurring, $30 for 3 months, $60 for 6 months, $110 for 12 months
What's in it? 4-5 premium samples plus lifestyle extras

I signed up for a 3-month subscription to Bulu Box in May. This is my second month. Less than a month after I subscribed, in early June, Bulu Box changed its terms and is no longer taking on Canadian subscribers. Once the current Canadian subscriptions come to an end, they will no longer be shipping to Canada at all.  I have over $20 worth of points I want to use up, and thankfully they are still honouring current Canadian customers, but all orders have to be made via e-mail rather through their online shop.

For the June box, I switched from the Weight Loss version to the regular version. I wasn't very pleased with the May Weight Loss box so I figured I would try something else.

Bulu is celebrating its 1 year anniversary! As a special treat to subscribers, everyone received 50 rewards points in their accounts (equal to $5 off in the store).

 Product card

Shapeology Burn Blend (14 capsule Trial,  $11.66)
Most thermogenics help blast fat. Shapeology sends it running. With clinically proven weight loss ingredients, Shapeology mimics the effects of high metabolism to help you lose weight fast! Plus, it's liquid delivery system means you can feel it working immediately.

I am impressed by the sample size. Last month I received far too many one-time use samples. This bottle contains 14 capsules and the recommendations are to take 2 to 4 capsules a day. At the most, it's a one week trial, which is pretty decent.

Juno Bar from Bumble Bar in Apple Crisp (1 bar, $0.65)
This organic, vegan, gluten free, meal replacement and energy bar lives up to the hype. Bumble Bar packs a kick of organic energy to push you through your day while keeping a clean, feel-better diet.

I am not a huge fan of Bumble Bars but I will happily try Juno Bar. The main ingredients are dates, almond butter apples and quinoa.

BluCetin Natural Hangover Protection (2 tablet sample, $2.67)
Take two tablets prior to drinking to lessen the impact of alcohol. Try it during drinking to accelerate the clearance of alcohol from the body or in order to protect against a hangover without losing the buzz.

This sounds like a product my sister swears by, called Party Smart. I'm curious to use it as a hang over prevention tool, but I don't like how it is marketed as something that can "accelerate the clearance of alcohol from the body". It makes me worry that people will think it is safe to drive after excessive drinking because they popped a few tablets beforehand.

BioVi Probiotic (2 capsule sample,  $1.90)
BioVi supports the healthy bacteria within the stomach to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Absorb food better and increase metabolism. BioVi also supports a protective barrier in the GI tract giving your stomach 360 degree coverage.

I saw this box in the Bulu Box and thought "Oh wow! Another full size product!" and then I picked it up. It was too light. Even though the box says it contains 30 capsules, which would be a full size product, Bulu Box only included two, individually wrapped, capsules but put them into the full size product box. Misleading much? There are no dosage directions so I'm not sure if this is a one or two day supply. I normally take acidophilus supplements so I am really interested in trying this product.

Flap Jacked Protein Pancake Mix in Buttermilk (4oz, $3.99)
Breakfast defines your day. Kick-start your metabolism with all natural ingredients like quinoa, whole oats, and lean muscle-building whey protein isolate. With 17g of protein, Flap Jacked is a delicious, energizing breakfast option.

This is my second Flap Jacked sample, the first coming in my April Bestowed Box. I still haven't tried it!

I like the June Bulu Box much better than the May Weight Loss box. I'm happier with most of the sample sizes this month, although I wish they had included more Probiotic samples, as that is something I am really interested in using. I received 5 products, including 2 food samples, with an estimated value of $21, plus they gave us 50 rewards points, worth $5! I paid $15 for a 3-month subscription, making this box cost only $5. That's an amazing value!

What did you get in your Bulu Box this month?

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  1. Why are all the boxes leaving Canada!?! Your post kinda had me wanting to sub. But the BioVi Probiotic 2 capsule sample in a full size box... not cool Bulu! I wouldn't be able to use the Shapeology Burn Blend, but I'm in definite need of vitamins and supplement. Don't know why my health seems to be take a nose dive at 25. Happy they're honoring your points though. Great review!

    1. I checked the postage stamp after writing this post and saw it cost them over $8 to send it to me! Even if I paid full price for the subscrption ($10/month), it's still not financially feasible for them to ship to Canada, without charging a shipping fee. And if they did chagre a shipping fee, I wouldn't subscribe. Catch 22, unfortunately.

      If you think 25 is bad wait till you get to 34 where I am!

  2. Not impressed with the misleading sample but definitely worth your $5! Too bad about no Canadian subs, I wasn't impressed with your box last month either which is why I hadn't signed up when it was a good deal, seems like I missed my chance :)


    1. Yes you did miss your chance by about 3 weeks. Darnit!

  3. I wish a company in Canada would do something like this, I love the idea of the Bulu box, and would totally subscribe if they had a Canadian version!

  4. I would certainly subscribe and pay a shipping price, as I already do with IPSY ($10 for US including shipping, $14.95 CDN including shipping) I think BULU box needs to market and ship to Canada as we do not have a competitor box here and have a huge market of people interested in this low cost health box. I hope they offer larger size samples and do not mislead in future boxes.