Monday, 20 May 2013

Bestowed Box Review - May 2013 - Healthy Snack Subscription Box

*As of 2014, Bestowed no longer ships to Canada*
What is it? Bestowed
How Much? $19 per month, or $209 for a year. Shipping included.
What’s in it?  5+ healthy (and yummy!) products hand picked by nutritionist Heather Bauer.
The May Bestowed Box shipped on May 13th and arrived on May 17th. Fasted shipping yet. This is especially impressive since it shipped from Allentown, Pennsylvania to Vancouver, BC in only 4 days! I'm impressed USPS and Canada Post!

First look!

The May box is pretty great. And it included a product info sheet this month! I guess they forgot to put one in the April box.

TeeChia - Super Seed Cereal - Cinnamon Cranberry flavour (300g, $11)
This energy-packed, high performance cereal is made from super seeds that gives you lasting energy, satiety (satisfied fullness) and promotes regularity. TeeChia was created to be a quick and easy wholesome meal for busy people on-the-go. We love it because this tasty cereal is not only gluten-free but filled with antioxidants, omega-3 essential fatty acids, soluble and insoluble fiber, and vitamins and minerals.

I love chia. I add it to smoothies and make delicious coconut milk chocolate pudding with it. I've never had a breakfast cereal with chia though. Each pouch makes 6 servings! If you would like to try Tee Chia, you can get a 20% discount on a 2 bag sampler using this link and entering promo code "TeeChia676" at checkout!

Sun Cups - Dark Chocolate Sunflower Butter Cups (42g, 2 pieces, $1.75)
A peanut butter cup for everyone! Faced with the challenge of creating a nut-free butter cup that his son could eat, the geniuses at Sun Cups have developed a delicious chocolate treat made with sunflower butter. Not only are these confections free from nuts, they are vegetarian, Kosher, gluten-free AND non-GMO certified. Tastes like happiness to us!

I received a different variety of Sun Cups in my May Kona Kase and I am more than happy to have another sample. Can't say no to chocolate and seed butter.

Way Better Snacks - Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips (1.25oz, $1.25)
We all wish our healthy snacking could be better, why not make it Way Better! These delicious, gluten-free, Non GMO Project Verified, sprouted chips will make you feel good about snacking. With a vision to go back in time to when food was actually good for us, the creators of Way Better turned to the powerful benefits of sprouting. These chips are not only tasty but are high in omega 3’s, antioxidants and other vital nutrients, and all are low in sodium and saturated fat. 

I've seen bloggers rave about these. A bag was included in the recent Pop Sugar Must Have box (which does not ship to Canada!) so I was curious to try. When I opened the bag the first thing I noticed was the smell. They smell awful! But they make up for it in taste. They taste like corn tortilla chips with a spicy kick. I'd buy again.

LÄRABAR über - Bananas Foster flavour (1.42oz bar, $1.75)
The chewy LÄRABAR has gotten a crunchy makeover. The über® bar is a unique sweet and salty snack made from whole fruits and nuts. We love that you can recognize every ingredient listed, and there are never more than 9. LÄRABAR is proud to be a part of the Non-GMO Project and every bar is gluten-free. It is big texture with big taste!

I am very excited to try these new LÄRABARS. I buy the Chocolate Coconut Chew (or as it's called in Canada, the Cocoa Coconut Chew) bars all the time. They are expensive in Canada - up to $3.50 per bar! I'll take a sample one any day. The new über® bars are not yet available in Canada.

California Olive Ranch - Everyday California EVOO (2  - 0.4oz/12ml sample pouches, $1.20)
Do you know where your olive oil comes from? You do now! With olives straight from California, California Olive Ranch takes the same care of their olives that winemakers take for their grapes. California Olive Ranch is certified extra virgin from the California Olive Oil Council. The protective green bottle keeps the sustainably grown olives fresher longer than many other olive oils. They go from branch to bottle in just a few hours. It is a difference you can taste.

I actually do not know where my olive oil comes from! I love olive oil and use it regularly in salads and cooking so these samples will get used up in no time. You can actually buy these sample pouches from the California Olive Ranch shop. They are marketed as "Olive Oil-to-Go" and a 10 pack will only cost you $5.99. It's a great idea for work lunches and picnics. Promo Code BESTOWED will get you 15% off in the store before June 30, 2013.

Navitas - Coconut Water Powder (0.5oz, $1.55)
How could a bottle of coconut water be even MORE convenient? Put it in powder form of course! We love Navitas products and organic Coconut Water Powder is no different. It celebrates the ancient tradition of coconut water, but is designed for modern on-the-go hydration. Each 35-calorie serving provide 5 key electrolytes that support rapid hydration, as well as several minerals and vitamins. All you have to do is mix 1 tablespoon of powder with 8oz of water. We’ll drink to that!

I'm not a huge fan of coconut water on its own but I often add it to smoothies and slushies. I will definitely use this sample. It's enough for one serving.

Good Eating Salads by Parragon Books (320 pages, paperback, full colour - $5.99)
Who doesn’t love a good salad? Sometimes our salad options can get repetitive. With this book, salad boredom will never take over again. We love this tiny treat because it’s small enough to fit in your bag and offers salad options for every season. With over 140 step-by-step recipes and full-color photos, it guarantees a successful salad every time. Parragon Books also publishes a wide range of fantastic cookbooks that are accessible to everyone.

I am addicted to cookbooks. I'm not sure I need a cookbook for salads, but there are some great ideas in this one and I love the full colour photos. This is a great little book (at only 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches) and will be a happy addition to my recipe book collection. *Note on the price - Other blog reviews estimated the price at $9 or more. I got the price direct from the publisher website. These pocket books all retail for $5.99.

I LOVE the May Bestowed Box. I received 6 food samples and a cook book! I paid $19 for the box and received $24.50 worth of products. The value is better than the April box and I really like the variety of products. This month's Bestowed Box is giving Kona Kase a run for its money. Remember, only one healthy snack subscription box can stay! I'm having a tough time deciding which one will win.

If you are interested in Bestowed, sign up using my referral link and use promo code LOVEHEALTHY to get $5 off your first box!

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  1. Is it true that bestowed has stopped shipping to Canada?

    1. No, because I have received my last two boxes with no issue. It says on their website US only, however I, and another CDN blogger, were able to sign up and have been receiving boxes with no issue. The company has not informed us of any planned changes or issues.