Saturday, 23 May 2015

GlobeIn Artisan Box - June Theme Reveal + PROMO CODE!

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What is it? GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box
How Much? $35/month, $99/3months, $180/6months + $12 shipping per box (US$)
What’s in it? A themed collection of artisan-made products from around the world
Each month, GlobeIn delivers “the globe in a box” - a collection of artisan-made products from around the world, curated around a central theme. GlobeIn introduces you to products that you can feel good about - they are often organic, fair-trade, and support artisans and farmers from around the world. 

The June theme has been leaked and I am very, very excited!
The theme for June is "Entertain".
A few things that inspired this box: outdoor fun, family, and friends!

This is the perfect theme for an early summer box. I can't wait to see what's inside! If these theme reveal has piqued your interest, first time subscribers can save 25% off their first box with the purchase of a 3 or 6 month subscription. Just enter promo code WELCOME at checkout.

Click here to check out GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box.

Friday, 22 May 2015

BarkBox Review - April 2015 - Pet Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? BarkBox
How Much? $29 per month, plus $5 shipping. Save big on 3, 6, and 12 month pre-paid subscriptions (US$).
What's in it? 4 or more products and presents for your dog

BarkBox is the original subscription box for dogs. I first subscribed to BarkBox in June 2013 and was very happy with the two boxes I received. BarkBox sends a monthly box of carefully selected products for your dog. Products may include toys, bones & all-natural treats, hygiene products, or innovative new gadgets. BarkBox also has a BarkShop so you can order more of your favourite products at a great rate.

I'm been wanting to do an updated review on BarkBox for quite a while. Along with a review, I also have a great story to share. BarkBox has referral program which awards you one free box for every new subscriber you refer. I cancelled my BarkBox subscription in July 2013, so I didn't think much about it, but this past October, I logged into my account to see that over the previous 18 months, I had earned over two dozen referral boxes! I knew I didn't need all those boxes myself and I remembered reading that, along with donating 10% of profits to animal rescue groups, BarkBox also offers subscribers the opportunity to donate their referral boxes. I contacted the folks at BarkBox to see what could be done and they were very happy and excited to help me out. They reactivated my account, set up a second subscription under my profile and arranged for the referral boxes to be sent to my local SPCA branch. The first box shipped in November 2014, so for the last 7 months, my local SPCA has been receiving this amazing gift thanks to BarkBox and all of the readers who signed up using my referral links. Not only that, but they are set to receive 25 more boxes! That's over two and half years of BarkBox, valued around $600 US, going to the SPCA in my community, all thanks to you guys! The BarkBox for a Good Cause program is pretty impressive and I'm grateful that through this blog, I was able to contribute.

 Now for the April box! The theme for April is "Fitness". 
Who said fitness couldn't be fun? Shed that winter weight with these healthy treats and workout friendly toys!
 Another cool feature of BarkBox is "Text-to-Reorder". Each item on the product card is assigned a "Reorder Code". When you are ready to purchase more of your pup's favourite product, simply text the code to the number listed on the card. BarkBox. You can also head over to the BarkShop to shop from any of the previous boxes.

Product Card 

Fabdog Boxing Gloves (Large, $16)
These are a BarkBox exclusive! I gifted them to Marshall, the giant Golden/Burmese cross and they were a hit. 

Health & Vitality Green Bark Gummies (4.2oz, $8)
These duck flavoured treats are grain-free and fortified with omega-3 rich chia!

Nootie LLC No Grainers Peanut Butter Pleasers (4oz, $7)
These are grain free soft peanut butter treats.

I somehow missed taking a solo photo of the next two items, but they are shown in the re-cap photo at teh bottom.

JW Pet Muscle Man Cuz (Medium, $5)
You can see it below in the final photo. It bounces like a ball and squeaks, but the feet and large size made it hard for Maizy the Australian Shepherd to pick it up. She lost interest pretty quick.

Etta Says Crunch Elk Chew ($3)
This chew is made from Elk and is safer to chew on than rawhide.

The April BarkBox contained five products, with a retail value of $39 US. This box costs $34 US including shipping, so it's just slightly more value received than cost paid. It's a great box of full size products, including toys and treats and they fit to the Fitness theme quite well. I prefer seeing a bit more variety, with a grooming product or some poop bags, but it's still a great box with plenty of items any dog would love. To get the most value out of BarkBox, I recommend signing up for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription so you can get a lower cost per box. On a 12-month term, each box is only $19, plus shipping.

If you are interested in trying BarkBox, they have offered an exclusive promo code for Canadian Box Addict readers. Get 1 FREE box with 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions to! Use code FREEBOXADDICT at checkout. Valid for new subscribers only, until May 26, 2015.

Click here to check out BarkBox.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Simple Loose Leaf Review - April 2015 - Tea Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Simple Loose Leaf
How much?  $15/month. Save on 3 and 6 month subscriptions. (US$)
What's in it?
4+ teas from around the world. Approximately 1/2 ounce of each variety.

Simple Loose Leaf is a tea subscription service that sends 4-5 pouches of tea each month from around the world. Each pouch contains approximately half an ounce of tea, and is enough for a full pot or several single serve cups. Upon subscribing, you also get a member ID code that allows you to get 50% off all teas ordered from the Simple Loose Leaf shop. 

I first reviewed Simple Loose Leaf in July 2014. Since then, Simple Loose Leaf has re-designed their website and changed the subscription model to make it more affordable.

Product Card

Each box includes two re-usable muslin tea bags. I prefer paper tea bags because I'm not really keen on rinsing out my tea bag after each use, but I appreciate the thought.

Taimu Mountain Green
A green tea from the slopes of the Taimu Mountains in Fujian, China. These delicate, unopened buds appear perfectly white against the young, opened green leaves. Look for a wildflower scent and a slightly dry finish.

Fujian Fine Black
Our fine leafed black tea comes from Fujian, China. Look for a naturally sweet cocoa not, with a deep fruitiness and a hint of spice. If you are looking for a soft sweet tea with a mineral finish and a smooth delicate astringency, you will love this black tea.

Jasmine Rooibos
Our Jasmine Rooibos tea comes from South Africa and is infused with the elegant and elicate scent of the night blooming jasmine flowers. Rooibos has a mellow and smooth taste with a wonderfully aromatic presence due to the Jasmine.

Nutty Mocha Mate
We present a Brazilian toasted mate with a mellow chicory note enhanced with the bold flavors of chocolate and hazelnut.

Tropical Green Rooibos
Green rooibos is a lighter bodied, un-oxidized version of the traditional "red tea". Our blend of passion fruit, mango and apricot will take you back to the beach.

The April offering from Simple Loose Leaf included five pouches of tea, originating from across the globe! I weighed each pouch and they range from 12-14 grams (0.42-0.49 ounces), so there is a fair amount of tea to last through the month. Simple Loose Leaf sells each variety for $6 per ounce, which means the value paid is pretty well equivalent to the value received. On top of that, subscribers get 50% off on store purchases, so if you find a tea you love and want more, you can get an ounce for only $3. It's an easy and affordable way to sample different teas from different regions.

Click here to check out Simple Loose Leaf.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Captain Toto Review - April 2015 - Kid's Subscription + PROMO CODE

This mailing was received complimentary for review.
What is it? Captain Toto
How Much? $7.90 per month for one letter (1 child) or $15.80 per month for two letters (for 2 children). Postage included! 
What’s in it? A letter about Captain Toto's new discoveries and three sheets of stickers (16 stickers total).

Captain Toto is a new subscription service for kids. Captain is an explorer who travels to new destinations each month  and shares his journeys with friends. Each envelope contains a letter with details and facts about a new city and 3 sheets of custom-designed stickers. The goal is to help kids discover new places, cultures, and traditions. The stickers are high quality, fade-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to remove.

The monthly letter is three pages long and includes facts and quiz activities. This month is all about Paris, France! The stickers help to solve the quizzes.
Captivating stories and amusing illustrations will inspire your little ones to learn about our big and fascinating world. Fill your child’s insatiable curiosity with fun-filled adventures!
The stickers really are high quality. They are thick and feel more like decals than paper stickers. The best part is that they are easy to remove so if your little one sticks them all over your walls, fret not! The Captain Toto team tested the stickers on different surfaces, including laptops, walls, and furniture, and they promise the stickers are easy to remove and don't leave any marks. 

The April mailing from Captain Toto included a letter and three pages of stickers all themed around Paris! It's a great and inexpensive way to give your child a fun and educational treat each month. I don't know a single child that doesn't enjoy playing with stickers and it's a good subscription for kids of all ages. If this is something that would interest your inquisitive child, you can save 50% off your first month by using promo code START at checkout. Subscriptions auto-renew each month and can be cancelled at any time.

Click here to check out Captain Toto.

Friday, 15 May 2015

LOULOU Limited Edition Spring Beauty Booster from Topbox Review

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Limited Edition LOULOU Spring Beauty Booster Box from Topbox
How Much? $33 CDN + tax, free shipping
What’s in it? All your beauty essentials for the new season, plus a 4-issue print subscription to LOULOU Magazine or an 8-issue digital subscription.

Along with a monthly subscription box, Topbox also regularly offers limited edition curated boxes. In March I reviewed The Kit's Limited Edition One Minute Miracle Collection, and now it's time for a fun box of Spring Beauty Boosters from the editors of LOULOU Magazine. LOULOU is a Canadian women's fashion and beauty magazine. It's also touted as a shopping and style guide, so the staff at LOULOU are in the know about current and up and coming beauty and fashion trends.

Spring is finally here and we want to celebrate by making sure you have all your beauty essentials for the new season. This limited edition box is blooming with seasonal picks—from gorgeous new spring nail colours, to that perfect glossy lip. This box will leave you brushing away any winter blues. $100 value!
 Second look and product card

Treat delicate eye areas and diminish dark shadows and puffiness with pure hydrogel patches that revitalize tired eyes in just 20 minutes!

I have an obsession with gel eye patches. I'm not sure if they actually do anything other than allow me to sit back and relax for 20 minutes, but that's good enough!

Leave nails resistant to chipping and peeling with this specially formulated top coat for a durable finish.
Seche Vite is owned by the same company that owns China Glaze and Ceramic Glaze, so it’s not surprising we received another nail product. I’m always on the hunt for a good top coat and I have yet to try this one.

For those with normal/dry skin, this sophisticated and light-weight yet moisturizing lotion is for you!
This is a weird one to include because it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the B. Kamins website. The closest is the Maple Body Lotion or the Maple Day Cream, so I’m wondering if this is an old sample.

Revive dull, tired skin with this serum concentrate!
I’ve been a fan of Kiehl’s for years, but for some reason I don’t have many of their products. Lip Balm #1 was my "Holy Grail" beauty product when I was in college.

Inspired by the classic little black dress, this tinted black lash primer doubles as a mascara for your convenience.
This sounds perfect for me. I have barely-there light lashes, so when I want some definition without the drama of mascara, a bit of tinted primer sounds perfect.

Catch everybody’s eye with this honey-hued highlighter, shadow, and shimmer so skin looks softer and younger.

I've received this a few times before and always given it away. Third time's a charm... I will give this one a try!

This all-natural Paraben free, cruelty free lipgloss is sure to help you shine from inside out!
I like the all-natural concept, and the “indy” feel of this, but the colour isn’t for me and feels very dark for a spring box. An assortment of colours were included so others may receive lighter shades.

Style your hair with this heat-proof formula that can withstand up to 170 degrees.

I started using up my huge stash of heat protector samples and I have to say, I have noticed a difference in my hair. It takes less time to blow dry, and it doesn't feel as did before I used pre-heat styling sprays.

With a light and airy touch, this fruity floral fragrance reflects elegance and femininity.

This one was more floral than fruity.

Dive into an aquatic adventure and splash into this cool new blue-teal shade and neon semi-matte vibrant purple shade for when you want that POP of colour.
These polishes are made by China Glaze exclusively for Shoppers Drug Mart (see link). They were first released in summer 2014. They’re a bit too bring for me, so I passed them to my teen cousin.  

This box also includes a 4-issue print subscription to LOULOU Magazine (value $8.50) or an 8-issue digital subscription (value $12.99). LOULOU publishes eight times per year, so a print subscription gets you a half  year while the digital will get you the full year. Click here to see what each subscription option has to offer. Those that choose the print edition will get their first issue in July. Digital subscribers will have access in June.

The Limited Edition LOULOU Spring Beauty Booster Box from Topbox included ten products, plus a half-year magazine subscription, with a retail value just under $100. Five of the products are full size, and the rest are deluxe samples. It’s a nice mix of products, with makeup, skincare, hair care, body, and nail products all represented. I would have liked to see some more neutral shades for the lip gloss and nail polish – something more spring like and soft. I’m most excited to try the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer.

This box is still available for purchase at $33 Canadian, with free shipping. The next batch ships May 30th. 

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